Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sixthvision 1/6th scale God Complex: Tsukuyomi by Glitch Network looks pretty awesome too!

God Complex: Tsukuyomi is one of the Three Great Rulers of Nippon. “Silence of the Night” is a title the humans gave him since he only appears during a stormless sundown. Being a quiet and reserved character, little is known about him. His mystery gave birth to legends and rumors. Ancient humans believed that the traditional blade he is carrying was so sharp that he used it to cut up the moon, and at every quiet night, he would slice it little by little to appease the wrath of the ocean until one day a new moon replaces the old one. Another legend said the moon was the eye of an enormous demon where misfortunes came from, and Tsukuyomi is the guardian of the night to protect humans from them.

It seems Foxbox Studio is no longer continuing the God Complex 12-inch figure series they started. See my last review of the 2014 Thailand Toy Expo FoxBox Studio exclusive Black Hermes Psychoprompus HERE and HERE. Check out the group pictures of Foxbox Studio 1/6 scale God Complex 12-inch Hermes, Hades, Inari figures posted HERE.

This latest figure from the God Complex line looks more insect-like as compared to the fox looking Inari figure. First impression I get of the head sculpt is that of a grasshopper which brings to mind the Japanese TV series "Kamen Riders" or "Masked Riders" which I watched as a kid -  check out my posts of the Kamen Riders HERE, HERE and HERE.

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Sixthvision 1/6th scale God Complex: Tsukuyomi (with worldwide limited release of just 500 pcs) will be approximately 12 inches / 32cm tall and come with 1 figure tsukuyomi, 3 set of hands, 1 die-cast katana sword, 1 die-cast nodachi sword, 1 plasic stand with acrylic base, collectibles card and certificate of authenticity.

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Kaido said...

I was loyally buying Godcomplex and loving it until their retail prices went way up... I think Zeus was $250. I'll be honest here, Hades and Inari did not blow me away so the price tag was hard for me to justify. Finally, exclusives like the Inari and recent Hermes made it easy for me to make excuses to leave the line incomplete.