Friday, May 27, 2016

Check out Dam Toys 1/6th scale Gangsters Kingdom Side Story: Officer A. Lewis 12" figure

Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in.

I've stopped my collection of Dam Toys 1/6th scale Gangsters Kingdom series for a while now because let's face it: there are just too many 12-inch action figures being offered on the whole and not enough moolah to buy every single one of them. The first few offerings were exciting but after a while, the motivation to keep on collecting just wasn't there. I had stopped getting GK009 Gangsters Kingdom "Spade 7" Harry onwards and wasn't too keen on GK008 Gangsters Kingdom "Spade 6" Ada, even though she was Dam Toys first female figure (But you can still check out my good friend Ted's review posted on my toy blog HERE). Then Dam Toys releases these pictures and this latest offering and preview by Dam Toys is so bought!

This is the upcoming soon-to-be-released Dam Toys (GKS003) 1/6th scale Gangsters Kingdom Side Story: Officer A. Lewis 12-inch female action figure and it will come with 1/6th scale head sculpt, Dam female action body, hand palms x5, uniform hat, police uniform, police jacket, boots, watch, police duty belt, radio with hand mic, radio pouch, CQC holster, P229 pistol, pistol mag x2, pistol mag pouch, handcuffs, handcuffs pouch, police baton, M870 shotgun, flash light, flash light holder.

All of the figures from Dam Toys Gangsters Kingdom series resemble a famous actor or person in real life even though the head sculpt is done in a caricature / animated style and I've been able to identify every one of them until now. I just cannot make out who the head sculpt is supposed to be of. Officer Anne Lewis was the DPD police officer partnered with RoboCop in the 1987 American cyberpunk action film but the head sculpt looks nothing like Nancy Allen, the actress who played Anne Lewis.

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Unknown said...

in one of the sixth season chapters of the walking dead,a red head actress apeared playing the role of a bad ass.i do not remember her name.she acted a lot when he was younger.this gk head reminds me of her

Unknown said...

Dear God, the face looks terrifying!!!!!!

Kaltier said...

I might be wrong. But i think its margot robbie. Does the damtoys female clothes,fit those of the hot toys female true type alex? The uniform on this looks nice. And ive never purchased any figs from this line before. Have a nice weekend alex. Thanks for the constant 1/6 reviews.

alex teo said...

Hey Kaltier,

I think you nailed it haha
isn't it ironic that Dam Toys would put Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad in a police officer's uniform LOL

As for the compatibility of clothes, I haven't gotten any of Dam Toys female figures so I wouldn't know how fitting it would be. Although going by their male figures, I would say they are a perfect fit for similar body types. Also you could just switch out the heads.


Kaido said...

I'm still getting most of the Gangsters Kingdom, the Wolverine figure has been preordered and I will likely preorder Tyson soon.

Like you, Alex, I'm starting to feel a bit tired too... I've skipped the guy with the torture chair and John Goodman for now, and haven't gotten the special edition Vinnie yet, or Tuco... with so many releases, it's really starting to add up and getting a bit tough to keep up! Maybe it's burnout, but the line has lost some magic for me... still that Tyson figure looks awesome to me!

I recently opened Clive Owen, which was fine, but kind of lacks the wow factor for me. Still have yet to open up Dolph and Keira figures.

I'm not liking this one though, she looks too doll-like for me, and if it's supposed to be Margot Robbie, I say they need to try harder - their previous likenesses have been much more obvious.

Stasiuwong said...

I'm thinking it's Lady Penelope from the old Thunderbirds show, but the lower eyelids are too heavy for a direct likeness.