Friday, May 20, 2016

Re-issue of TOA Heavy Industries 1/6th scale Synthetic Human action figure - Pre-order details

This is super AWESOME news!

Toa Heavy Industries will be bringing back the much wanted Synthetic Human!

Originally sold in 2014 it sold out instantly and some were going for like $500 on ebay but this time the company will be taking orders for three whole days so for those who missed out the first time this is your chance!

TOA Heavy Industries 1/6th scale Synthetic Human Re-issue Details:

Pre-Order Period: May 27th, 2016 11:00AM (JST) ~ May 30th, 2016 11:00AM (JST)

Estimated Shipping Schedule: September, 2016

Price: $150 (USD, Shipping Included)

Order Limit: 3 pcs per person

Online Shop -

Orders will be taken for 3 full days, and all orders placed during this period will be accepted as long as the quantity is within the order limit (*3 pcs per person).

Don't miss this chance to experience the the cutting edge tech of TOA Heavy Industries - the original Synthetic Human that started it all!

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Pre-order at Online Shop -


Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks for this post!

Kaido said...

These figures are truly awesome. Don't pass this up. I already have a couple of these, so will be skipping this, even though this comes with an extra set of weapon holding hands (weapons will not be included).

Kaido said...

Hey Alex, have you seen 1000toys' Snake Eyes figure? It is a collaboration with BAIT and GI Joe and was showcased at SDCC 2016. It can currently be purchased at the BAIT online store.

alex teo said...

Yes Kaido, I saw :) looks really nice!