Wednesday, May 11, 2016

ZY TOYS 1:6 scale Female (Archer) Shooter Accessories Pack for Speedy, GA's sidekick

Speedy is the name of two DC Comics superheroes, fictional characters that have each served as teenaged sidekicks for the Green Arrow (a.k.a. Oliver Queen). The original Speedy's real name was Roy Harper, Jr. In The CW's Arrow TV series, Roy Harper's role as Green Arrow's sidekick is taken over by Oliver Queen's sister, Thea Dearden Queen (Willa Holland) who is nicknamed 'Speedy" by Oliver (Stephen Amell).

This ZY Toys 1:6 scale Female (Archer) Shooter Accessories Pack will come with Leather Wind Coat, Eye Mask, Tube Top, Leather Pants, Boot / Shoe Covers X 1 Pair, Reflex Bow, Quiver, Arrows X 8. NOTE: Body and head sculpt are not included. Release date is approximately 3RD QTR 2016.

Pity this is not a full figure but just an outfit set. Would have been nice to have a 1:6 scale Willa Holland head sculpt. It would have gone nicely with the THREEQ 1/6 scale CITIES RANGER 12-inch figure aka Stephen Amell as Green Arrow, posted on my toy blog earlier HERE.

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1 comment:

Kaltier said...

Would have liked a willa 1/6 too. It looks like its the charlize theron head under the mask. Whats the point of the gear without the head.