Monday, May 9, 2016

Review II: Square Enix Play Arts Kai DC Variant "Batman: Timeless - Sparta" Batman action figure

continued from previous toy blog post...

At the dawn of modern civilization, where Caesars ruled and warriors of legend were making their paths, a forgotten tribe is decimated by raiders spurred on behind the scenes by corrupt leaders. A man covered with the ashes of his comrades stands tall. He mutters the tribe's creed: "Gothe Heam Stundes" which means "Justice comes for you".

Bards being to sing tales of a fearsome warrior striking bands of thieves down and protecting nomadic families from ill fates. Intimidating to his enemies yet with an air of respect for those who deserve it. The Dark Knight had arrived.

This is the recently released Square Enix Play Arts Kai 1/7th scale DC Comics Variant "Batman: Timeless - Sparta" 10.5-inch tall action figure. The premise is that there will always be a Batman in any timeline in alternate universes and so this particular Batman existed in the same period as the Spartans of old. Spartan Batman comes with a shield with a Bat symbol on it, a spear, five additional interchangeable hands, four daggers, a long sword and a figure stand. In the first part action figure review posted on my toy blog earlier HERE, I covered the box contents and shared close-up shots of this figure with all the nice intricate details. Here in this second-part review are more pictures of this awesome action figure because one post is just not enough to contain all this coolness!

Check out pictures of Spartan Batman brandishing his sword and dagger as he charges at his enemies!

Scroll down to see all the pictures.
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Carrying the best equipment from his people, a shield that protects the weak while his pole arm reaches the furthest villains and a gladius sharper than Cerberus' tooth with no end to the hidden knives he hurls. Always walking the twilight countryside in search of an end to his road, history may never remember this Batman but he was the first Dark Knight.

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