Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A look at National Service through the years

National Service in Singapore, (commonly known as NS), is a statutory requirement for all male Singaporean citizens and second-generation permanent residents to undergo a period of compulsory service in the uniformed services. Depending on physical and medical fitness, they serve a two-year period as National Servicemen Full-time (NSFs), either in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), Singapore Police Force (SPF), or the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). A 2-month reduction in full-time National Service is given for pre-enlistees who are able to pass their National Physical Fitness Award (NAPFA).

The majority of NSFs serve in the SAF, as part of the Army. The reasons for this include the relative manpower needs of the Army compared to the Navy and Air Force, the SPF, and SCDF. Moreover, as compared to the Army, the Air Force (RSAF) and Navy (RSN) are smaller armed services composed primarily of regular servicemen.

National service has been a key component of Singapore’s nation-building journey since its inception. This national duty ensures that Singapore has a strong and ready military force to defend itself should the need arise.

This year marks the 50th year of national service in Singapore. To commemorate it, The Straits Times look briefly at the history of national service and how individual soldier equipment has evolved.

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