Sunday, August 13, 2017

Mystical Forge Fairy Tale Classics 1/6th scale Snow Storm 12-inch figure outfit set preview pics

Story so far...

It has been three weeks since they last saw the evil queen’s assassins. They had entered the misty mountains to lose them and within the mountains they began to train for the inevitable battle to come. The Huntsman insisted that the Princess used her agility to her advantage as he taught her how to use the blade. Tired as she was, she began donning the light magical battle armour crafted by the ancient dwarves. She was soon overcomed by fatigue and started to fall asleep to the soothing sounds of the crackling fire.

In the distance, the footsteps approached, silently but deadly...

Mystical Forge MF-003 Fairy Tale Classics 1/6th scale Snow Storm 12-inch figure outfit set will come with: Head band with red ribbon, Chest armour, Shoulder armour, Arm bangle, Gauntlet sleeve x 2, Gauntlet x 2, Ornamental waist belt, Leather belt with front / back yellow loincloth, Underwear, Leg armour sleeve x 2, Leg armour x 2, Sandals, Battle sword, Apple. Important: Head sculpt and body not included. Body used in product pictures is the Phicen Limited / TB League mid bust body type.

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tofanpw said...

What happened to Mystical Forge?! After Anubis & King Tut, they went for a cosplayer, a disney princess-fantasy warrior cosplay at that. *facepalm*

P.S. It's incredible how Disney's design of Snow White defined her look forever.