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COOMODEL 1/6th scale Series of Empires Die-cast Gothic Knight 12" figure + Armored horse

In 1066 AD the Normans (people who came from Normandy in Europe) conquered England and introduced feudalism in England. Feudalism was a system of contract where society was divided into four classes: royalty, barons (noblemen) and bishops, knights (a title or a rank) and lastly peasants. Merchants and artisans were placed just above the peasants. From 1066 to about the 14th century, feudalism developed across Europe. There were no professional armies at that time like we have today. Every man who was called upon was expected to follow his king in battle. The king granted land to these knights. A knighthood was obtained either by birth into a noble family or through bravery in battle.

The knight was an important fighter and had to know two basic skills: how to fight and how to ride a horse. A knights’ armour consisted of heavy steel plates to cover his body, a heavy helmet and a shirt of mail (finely intertwined metal rings set very close to each other). The knight also wore gloves, leggings and shoes of mail or metal.

COOMODEL SE013 1/6th scale Series of Empires (Die-cast Alloy) Gothic Knight (Exclusive Edition) 12-inch Collectible Figure specially features: head sculpt, body, Eight (8) pieces of interchangeable palms (A couple of bare fists and open palms,and a couple of open palms and weapon holding hands in silver armor)

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Costume: dark blue T-shirt, black pants, black socks, upper body chain armor, silver fin shaped helmet, silver bevor, upper body gothic plate armor, silver vambraces, silver cuishes, dark colored double layer leather belt, with a dagger scabbard, light colored leather belt

Weapons: knight sword, sword scabbard, dagger, war axe

Accessories: round based figure stand, solid wood armor stand, brick textured base and background plate, attached with weapon hanger

All this heavy weight could only be carried on a horse as the armour was too cumbersome for the knight to walk with. He actually needed another person called a squire (young men training to be a knight) and a page (a male servant) to guide him around as the helmet didn’t permit the knight to see very well. The horses that the knights used were very large and heavy, similar to draught horses of today, but highly trained and far from clumsy. These battle horses, wore a suit of armour too!

COOMODEL NO.SE014 1/6th scale Series of Empires Medieval Armored Norman Steed specially features: brown sculpt horse, horse head chain armor, horse back chain armor, silver horse helmet, silver horse neck armor, silver horse chest armor, white cloth, suit of leather saddle and harness

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