Thursday, August 10, 2017

Black 13 Parks 1/6th scale Otaku Fantasy War Fujita San and Youko 12-inch action figures

Background story of “Mister FUJITA’s otaku fantasy life”: Mister Fujita himself is an otaku and he is passionate about figures, games and also a Military freak. He is also obssesed with two-dimensional fiction girl, as well as the game ‘Metal Gear’. He spends most of the time at home or hang out with his friends at Akiba. His biggest interest in life is to immerse in his own fantasy world.

In Mister Fujita’s fantasy world, he imagine himself fighting and eliminating enemies in a war of doomsday with powerful weapons alongside robotic girl YouKo which he created.

The concept of YouKo’s appearance is based on the two-dimensional fictional girl. Besides being Mister Fujuta’s partner, she supplies huge ammunition and is the greatest spiritual comforter of Mister Fujita. Indeed she is the ideal girlfriend type in his fantasy world.

Mister Fujita’s original background: A vigorous American legend marksman, Billy The Kid - a western cowboy who drives out the rascals and protect the people; although some said he’s an outlaw who killed 21 people.

No other info available at this time. You can PM The Little Box (link HERE) if you are keen to PO this set. Price is S$879 (for 2 figures), deposit S$300. ETA Q4 2017

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