Saturday, August 19, 2017

POP TOYS 1/6th scale Adventurer - Touching Gold Captain 12" figure, Chinese Tomb Raider

Touching gold captain is a Tomb Raider of ancient China. According to historical records, Touching gold captain originated from the period of Eastern Han Dynasty Three Kingdoms. The leader of Wei soldiers, Cao Cao established the rank of touching gold captain to rob tombs in that period in order to make up for their military salaries. The touching gold captain mainly rely on practicing geomancy and distinguish the weather, for the purpose of “the Book of Changes”, to determine the points of tombs. Han Chen Lin 《A Declaration of War for Yuan Shao to Cao Cao》: "Cao commanded military officer, touching gold captain to exhumation, no bones was exposed everywhere they passed."

The POP TOYS team launches a brand-new product EX series — Touching gold captain action figure! This product adopts the male head hair. The clothing, backpacks, boots are made of leather. We add a luminous platform, with 20 LED light source for the luxury model, to create a modern and unique atmosphere for the figure!

POP TOYS 1/6th scale Adventurer — Touching Gold captain 12-inch figure (standard version) features: Male head, Body, Hand with fingerless gloves x4, Leather jacket, Shirt, Sea striped shirt, Pants, Leather boots (handmade of leather and solid inside), Backpack (Handmade of leather), dagger (including knife pouch), Compass (retractable), Metal torch, Metal grapnel (with long rope), Amulet for Touching gold captain

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The Luxury version will include: Candle, Artifact (made of metal), key to the disk (made of metal), Luminous platform (with 20 LED light source inside)

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