Thursday, August 24, 2017

Magic Cube Toys 1/6th scale PMC (Private Military Contractor) 12-inch Figure Set (with Dog)

Magic Cube is releasing a figure set and dog which are perfect to represent a generic Private Military Contractor (PMC) for use in all sorts of scenarios and dioramas. The uniform set is also being released by itself, and another version includes the uniform set with the dog. This is the complete figure set with dog.

Magic Cube Toys 1/6th scale Private Military Contractor 12-inch Figure Set (with Dog) Features: Head sculpt, Articulated body, T-shirt, Combat pants, Tactical belt, Arm sleeves, Gloved hands, Tactical boots, Baseball hat, Chest rig, Leg rig, Backpack, 1911 pistol, 1911 pistol mags x4, Pistol holster, HK416 rifle, One point sling, Front grip, Rifle magazine x4, Suppressor, Holographic sight, Target pointer illuminator, Tactical light, Dual pressure remote switch, Hand grenade x2, Radio and headset, D-ring, Zip cuff x2, Glow stick x2, German Shepherd dog, Rex specs, K9 goggles, K9 vest, K9 socks x4

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