Thursday, October 5, 2017

Bandai METAL BUILD Mazinger Z 7-inch / 18 cm Tall Die-cast Robot Figure - most articulated ever

Mazinger Z is an enormous super robot, constructed with a fictitious metal called Super-Alloy Z (超合金Z Chōgokin Zetto), which is forged from a new element (Japanium) mined from a reservoir found only in the sediment of Mt. Fuji, in Japan. The mecha was built by Professor Juzo Kabuto as a secret weapon against the forces of evil, represented in the series by the Mechanical Beasts of Dr. Hell. Kabuto constructs Mazinger Z and manages to finish it just before being killed by a bomb planted by Hell's right-hand person, Baron Ashura, a half-man, half-woman. As he lays dying, he manages to inform his grandson Kouji Kabuto about the robot and its use. Kouji becomes the robot's pilot, and from that point on battles both the continuous mechanical monsters, and the sinister henchmen sent by Doctor Hell.

Mazinger Z is a Japanese super robot manga series written and illustrated by Go Nagai. The first manga version was serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump from October 1972 to August 1973, and it later continued in Kodansha TV Magazine from October 1973 to September 1974. It was adapted into an anime television series which aired on Fuji TV from December 1972 to September 1974.

Mazinger Z helped to create the 1970s boom in mecha anime. The series is noteworthy for introducing many of the accepted stock features of super robot anime genres, including the first occurrence of mecha robots being piloted by a user from within a cockpit. Guillermo Del Toro has cited the show – which was a huge success in his native Mexico during the 1980s – as an important influence on Pacific Rim.

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Bandai METAL BUILD Mazinger Z 7-inch / 18 cm Tall Robot Figure Set Contents include: Main figure, Optional hand part x left, right 2 types each, Hover pilder x 2 types, Jet Scrander set, Rocket punch effect part set, Iron cutter (left, right), Optional drill missile knee part (left, right), Missile punch part set, Southern cross effect part x2, Vernier effect part x4, Base set, Armor display base (long) x2, Armor display base (short). Size: Approx. H180mm. Material: ABS, PVC, Diecast

Mazinger Z has spawned several sequels and spinoff series, among them being Great Mazinger, UFO Robot Grendizer and Mazinkaiser.


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whats the release date?

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ETA February 2018. Cheers :)