Thursday, October 19, 2017

LIM Toys 1/6th scale The Phantom Legend: Full Vengeance Ismael / Aehab 12-inch deluxe figure

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Another 12-inch figure related to the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain action-adventure, stealth game has surfaced and this 1/6th scale figure is from LIM Toys - The Phantom Legend Ismael 12-inch figure. And the deluxe version comes with horns!

LIM Toys 1/6th scale The Phantom Legend Ismael / Aehab 12-inch deluxe figure set Features: 1:6 scale Realistic head sculpt with eyepatch, Aehab head sculpt, Demon horns (1 long, 1 short), 12-inch figure body, Bionic hands x2, "Truth" photos x2, Biker gloved hands x6, Biker goggles, LED light-up night vision goggles, Walkman player, Walkman casing, "N313" tape cassette, D-droid, D-droid holographic, Pistol, Suppressor, Pistol extra module, Chicken helmet, Combat knife, Sheath, Cigar x2, Boots, Leather jacket, Beige pants, Gray T-shirt, Black belt, Cardboard box

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