Friday, October 6, 2017

CICF 2017: Gate Toys, Winson Ma, Ghost Hand Studio, Project Obsidian, Sank & Hikaru-Tiki

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GATE TOYS, the global designer collectibles funding platform participates at the China International Comics Festival 2017 from 30th Sept - 5th Oct, at their booth, GATE TOYS showcases 7 new prototypes of their co-creations with 5 different designers from China and Hong Kong, including Winson Ma @ Winson Classic Creation, Calvin Lo @ Calvin's Custom, Ken Zheng @ 33 Industry, and Ghost hand Studio. In their 7 displays, GATE TOYS also showcase chapter 2 of their original design series "League of Demon Hunters, as well as their newly developed highly flexible and fully articulated 1/6 scale action figure body.

Winson Classic Creation: Time War Part II - Chille 赤烈, arch enemy of Yuan Kong 猿空 (Original design by Winson Ma, a GATE TOYS production, Pre-Order begins in November 2017)

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Ghost hand Studio 鬼造工作室: 摩比 - , a post-apocalyptic action figure featuring design elements of an ethnic group 苗族 in China. (Original design by Ghost hand Studio, a GATE TOYS production, Pre-Order begins in mid October 2017)

SANK TOYS by Chinese Designer Shawn

33 Industry: Project Obsidian - Zero & Iron Steed. GATE TOYS X 33 Industry 1/6th scale “Project Obsidian: ZERO” 12-inch Figure with Diorama pictures and details posted earlier on my toy blog HERE

GATE TOYS X Hikaru-Tiki (Taiwanese Developer): a newly developed highly flexible and fully articulated 1/6th scale action figure body.

All pics courtesy and copyright of Calvin Lo

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