Tuesday, October 24, 2017

POP TOYS 1/6th scale Warrior Women Series W001 Female Ronin Nobushi 12-inch figure

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That's it - almost every 1/6th scale company is jumping on the fantasy female figure bandwagon. You can see a lot of 12-inch female action figures these days compared to the past when boys (guys) played with action figures (mostly male) and gals played with dolls (usually female except for Ken and his friends who hang around Barbie and her gals). Dolls or action figures? It depends on who calls them. Usually the gals will say dolls and the guys would say action figure because for a guy to say that he's playing with dolls would seem like he ain't 'man' enough. See my other toy blog posts "I collect Action Figures! And here are some of them" HERE and "G.I. Joe named 20th Century's Top Toy! Beating Transformers, Lego, Barbie and Monopoly" HERE

POPTOYS release the first product Nobushi of Warrior Women series sincerely. The featured products of this series are fighting style female figures. The first character - Nobushi, will show you an athletic, bright and brave female with Razor. “Warrior Women series” will continue to be added more female General with Japan armor. It has been exhibited at 2017 SHCC. The official pictures will be showed in the near future. In the future, “Warrior Women Series” will be more plentiful.

POP TOYS 1/6th scale Warrior Women Series W001 Female Ronin Nobushi 12-inch figure Parts List: Female head, Super flexible female body, Bamboo hat, Mask, Array feather weave, Tunics, Belt, Jade, Spring blasting, Pants, Forearm armor, Left arm armor, Cuisse, Straw sandals, Gloved hands x6, Razor (made of metal), Razor holder, Support

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