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Review II: 2000 AD x ThreeA 1/6th scale Mega-City One JUDGE DREDD 12" Collectible Figure

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This recently released 2000 AD x ThreeA 1/6th Scale JUDGE DREDD 12-inch Collectible Figure is really nice and stays true to the original comic magazine version of the most feared Mega-City One elite cop or judge empowered to dispense instant justice as judge, jury and executioner.

I've already done a first part action figure review of this figure in the earlier post HERE, covering the box packaging, instructions and figure with his Lawgiver Mk2 and daystick. The daystick is the Judges' version of the nightstick with a titanium core. Now I'm posting pictures of Dredd with with gritted teeth and Lawrod. Two Interchangeable Faces are provided: Standard Scowl and Gritted Teeth Expressions.

The lawrod rifle was the standard rifle carried by all street judges in a holster on the side of their lawmaster bikes. Lawrods are a powerful sniper rifle-like weapons. They pack a strong round of ammunition capable of a small explosion but are rarely used due to inaccuracy in the shot. This 1/6th scale Lawrod comes with removable ammo magazine and shoulder stock. ThreeA's 12-inch Judge Dredd figure also comes with Lawgiver Mk1 with removable ammo magazine and Lawgiver Mk2 with removable ammo magazine.

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Close-up shot of the 2000 AD x ThreeA 1/6th scale Mega-City One JUDGE DREDD's Lawrod

Check out more pictures of 2000AD Judge Dredd with his Lawgivers, MkII in hand with MkI holstered. The lawgiver pistol is the standard sidearm used by judges. Each Lawgiver has a sensor on its grip that is programmed to recognize the palm-print of the authorized user registered to the weapon. If anyone else, including another Judge, attempts to use the weapon it will self-destruct in the user's hand, leaving them severely crippled or killed.

Unlike the blocky, black MK II, the Lawgiver MK I was silver in colour and much more slender, resembling a rifle scope with a pistol grip. It fits nicely into Dredd's boot holster.

Introduced in 2120, the Lawgiver MK II was a distinct improvement over the earlier model. All the ammunition is now stored in a single bulk magazine rather than a series of small magazines. Unlike the semi-automatic MK I, the MK II is capable of automatic fire.

The only thing missing is his Boot knife. Every street judge carries a knife in a scabbard attached to his boot.

NEXT: Comparison pictures of this ThreeA 1/6th scale 2000 AD Mega-City One JUDGE DREDD 12-inch Collectible Figure with Art Figures AF-015 1/6th scale Heavy Armoured Special Cop (Karl Urban) "DREDD" 12-inch figure

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