Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Die-Hard 4 (2007): "Yippee-ki-yay!!"

Bruce Willis returns as John McClane, 19 years after the first film, and does battle with a gang of cyber terrorists, including the sexy Maggie Q, last seen in Mission Impossible III with Tom Cruise. Unfortunately, no figure of her is available :(

Produced by Subway, the quality of this outfit is amazing - true value for money!! It has the same quality as Saturday Toys.

Headsculpt's not the best though, quality lacking here. You gotta tilt the head certain angles to catch a glimpse of Bruce's likeness.

You also get accessories such as two police badges/ID, a cellphone,

Shades and his "leather" holster with pistol and two extra clips. Quality is stunning!

The "accessory" that takes the cake must be his underwear - LOL!! I've seen ads of padded underwear that enhances a man's physique but I never thought a 1/6 figure would need enhancements. Check out his boxers with the padded butt. Definitely first of its kind! What possessed the company to produce something like this is anybody's guess.

Other Bruce sculpts - Tears of the Sun and Die-Hard 3


Shaun said...

think the accessories on this piece are really cool. I was wondering about padded underwear. Is this the first piece of its kind you've seen in your years of experience collecting 1/6 figs, Alex?

Also, is Subway a new China toy company and finally are they using a body close to an earlier HT body? The joints seem pretty tight on my piece.

alex teo said...

i totally agree with you that the accessories are really cool. quality's very good too! yup, this is the first padded underwear that i've ever seen. i was laughing out loud when i saw it.

This is the first Subway toy i've seen too. Hope they can keep it up and give us more. not too sure about the body though, don't really strip all my figures to take a peek at their crotch (not into that kind of thing - ha!ha!).