Sunday, January 20, 2008

K-19: The Widowmaker (2002)

Rushed into service because of the Cold War arms race, the Russian nuclear submarine K-19 was on patrol when its cooling system malfunctioned. This caused the reactor core to gradually heat up to dangerous levels. If the overheating core was not cooled, it could cause a nuclear meltdown. The only way to repair the sub's cooling system was to open and enter the sealed reactor compartment, though doing so would expose the ship and its crew to deadly radiation. Faced with a horrible choice, the submariners sacrificed themselves to do their duty and repair the cooling system.

The disaster was averted on July 4, 1961 but was only made into a movie in 2002 by National Geographic. The film starred Harrison Ford as Captain Alexei Vostrikov and Liam Neeson as Captain Mikhail Polenin.

Dragon released this promotional figure in 2002 when the movie came out. The box came with a slip case.

Box Packaging

Captain Alexei Vostrikov in his overcoat

Captain Alexei Vostrikov in his uniform

Close-up of Harrison Ford

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