Friday, January 4, 2008

USMC MARPAT Woodlands Camouflage

Not to be outdone by Dragon's MARPAT MCCUU USMC LRRP "John", BBi introduced Captain Arthur Fenton wearing the digital Woodlands camouflage.

A US marine isn't complete without his trademark KaBar knife


Anonymous said...

The colour of the pattern on this one is much nicer! And actually the Canadians are held to be the first to field digital camo combat uniforms.

alex teo said...

Thanks, I didn't know that. I learn something new everyday :)

Wei said...

Hi Alex. E3lipse from SGCollect here.
Do you have photos of just the load bearing vest that he is wearing?

Btw, great collection, noticed another article of you in this month's Hot Stuff Magazine's supplementary, MAN Stuff.

alex teo said...

Hi E3lipse from SGCollect, unfortunately i haven't taken photos of his load bearing vest. These were earlier snapshots of him i took and haven't found the time for snapping more pictures. Perhaps in the near future.

Thanks for the compliments >_< am surprised you know about the MANstuff interview. The magazine's not very prominent on the newstands.

CHEERS!! and keep on collecting. gotta do our part to help the economy