Saturday, January 26, 2008

1st Special Service Forceman with Bazooka

BBI produced this figure in 2004. He's "Lefty" McGill, a bazooka man from the 1st Special Service Force in Italy, September 1944. He wears his 1st pattern parka over his wool sweater and scarf.

He has his M1943 jungle pack, M1910 T-handle entrenching tool with cover, M1942 bayonet in scabbard, two smoke grenades and his M1 Garand rifle.

He also carries his M1911A1 .45 pistol in holster

He is armed with the M9A1 rocket launcher, most popularly known as the bazooka

Watch out for the back blast!!

Close-up of "Lefty"

The bazooka with three 3.4lb rockets which came in cardboard containers

Lefty looks very much like "Leonardo DiCaprio"

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