Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Matrix (1999)

When this movie came out, it blew everyone's brains with its visual effects, especially the abundant use of slow-motion, spinning cameras and the famed bullet time effect of a character freezing or slowing down and the camera panning around them. The Matrix won Oscars for film editing, sound effects editing, visual effects and sound. Can't believe it was that long ago.

Keanu Reeves as Thomas A. Anderson A.K.A. Neo, computer hacker. Hot Toys produced this figure in 2001, back when they were just starting out. No fancy packaging but the sculpting was good.

The famous dodging bullets scene that has been parodied so many times in so many movies.

IMHO, the best likeness of Keanu/Neo. Medicom didn't do him justice.

Meet Agent Smith, Neo's nemesis
Keanu also starred as Jack Traven in "Speed (1994)"
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