Sunday, January 13, 2008

Three Kings (1999) starring George Clooney

George Clooney played Major Archie Gates, a Special Forces soldier who is disillusioned with the 1990-1991 Gulf War and decides to steal seized Kuwaiti gold from Iraqi bunkers, together with Sergeant First Class Troy Barlow (Mark Wahlberg), Staff Sergeant Chief Elgin (Ice Cube) and Private First Class Conrad Vig (Spike Jonze).

The six-colour Desert Battle Dress Uniform (DBDU), with a base pattern of light tan overlaid with broad swathes of pale olive green, two-tone wide bands of brown, clusters of black-on-white spots scattered over it resulted in it being nicknamed the "chocolate chip" pattern, was worn during this conflict.

This figure was from BBi but the outfit came from Dragon. BBi had some nice headsculpts.

George Clooney with a hint of his famous smirk

Clooney also played a smooth talking, irreverent US Army Special Forces Officer Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Devoe in the 1997 action film, The Peacemaker alongside Nicole Kidman.


Lex said...

Wow! This looks amazing!
Could you offer a few tips/hints on how you created this? Which body/heads did you use to start with and how much customization went into it.

I LOVE Tom Devoe. I'd like to try to make that one.

Great work!

alex teo said...

Hi Stephanie, thanks for looking :) I'm not much of a kitbasher myself, only good at popping heads and switching them around or when I see some resemblance and I have the attire, I'll try to bash together some. George Clooney's amazing headsculpt was from BBI's "Dusty Rhodes" USMC figure and his desert storm uniform is mostly from Dragon. Yeah, I liked Tom Devoe in The Peacemaker too - have been thinking of kitbashing him next.

Lex said...

I actually got impatient and found Dusty myself on that Celebheads next question- any idea where to find a modern US Army uniform? Looks like that is going to be the toughie...I don't know if I can sew anything so intricate as the jacket.

I did a mod on a Jason Isaacs head-sculpt (don't remember the name only that it was BBI around the time that Black Hawk Down came out) to turn him into Malfoy for a friend...if I can make a blonde wig (out of Barbie hair!) a jacket shouldn't be THAT hard.

I will keep you posted if I try it- I want to see your efforts too if you do it!