Monday, October 26, 2009

Just Funny XD

This "Sherman's Lagoon" comic strip appeared in The Sunday Times and I thought it was relevant to post it here, especially since I can identify with it - HA! HA! Noticed how Sherman takes over the submarine from Herman eventually and the last part when the wife has to put her "foot" down - priceless! That's the secret to the fountain of youth - remaining a child LOL. Actually, the truth is: Boys don't grow up, they just grow old!

And here are two 1/6 World War II German U-boat crew that were released by Dragon in 2001: U-boat Kapitänleutnant "Herbert" of the Kriegsmarine (German War Navy) wearing his double-breasted deck and bridge leather jacket over his U-boat crew uniform.

I'd posted pictures of him HERE under the heading "Das Boot (1981)".

Kriegsmarine Warrant Officer "Georg" was released in 2002 (pictures HERE). The actual head sculpt that came with this 1/6 figure bore the resemblance of actor David Duchovny. I'd since kitbashed him as FBI Agent Fox Mulder from the "X-Files" TV series (Full review HERE)

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