Friday, October 23, 2009

Medicom RAH MGS3 Naked Snake (Cold War version) Review I

Despite being allies against the Axis powers (see previous post), the USSR, the US, the United Kingdom and France disagreed during and after World War II, especially about the configuration of the post-war world. At war's end, they occupied most of Europe, with the US and USSR the most powerful military forces.

The Soviet Union created the Eastern Bloc with the eastern European countries it occupied, annexing some as Soviet Socialist Republics and maintaining others as satellite states, some of which were later consolidated as the Warsaw Pact (1955–1991). The US and some western European countries established containment of communism as a defensive policy, establishing alliances (e.g. NATO, 1949) to that end.

The Cold War (1945–1991) was the continuing state of political conflict, military tension, and economic competition existing after World War II (1939–1945), primarily between the USSR and its satellite states, and the powers of the Western world, including the United States. [source: wiki]

Set in Cold War-era Russia around the 1960s, "Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater" (the game) centers on FOX operative Naked Snake as he attempts to rescue a weapons designer and sabotage an experimental super weapon.

Medicom just released this latest 1/6 scale version of Naked Snake from MGS3 (there had already been three previous versions) and it is the Medicom RAH (Real Action Heroes) "Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater" Naked Snake (Cold War version).

The box flap reads: "SNAKE the ORIGIN. Naked Snake Cold War ver. 310mm height. Faithful realization of Cold War camouflage pattern as seen in the game. Includes custom gun with suppressor, CQC knife and Combat Knife..."

Medicom RAH 1/6 scale Naked Snake (Cold War version) in his tray

Naked Snake in his Cold War camouflage pattern. The intent of camouflage is to disrupt an outline by merging it with the surroundings, making a target harder to spot or hit. So I'm not sure why they called this a camouflage pattern.

Until the 20th century armies tended to use bright colors and bold, impressive designs. These were thought to daunt the enemy, foster unit cohesion, allow easier identification of units in the fog of war and attract recruits. In addition, bright uniforms, such as the red coats formerly used by the British, tended to deter desertion. But this is supposed to be the 1960s. As for me, I just LIKED it!!

I always wanted to know what he wore under the shirt. Let's find out - it's a wetsuit. Actually just a wetsuit jacket, with no coverage for the legs.

American Hip Hop Rappers like to wear their pants this way but if Naked Snake did that, he'll be tripping and falling all over before he even begins his mission.

Now that's much better

Medicom RAH MGS3 "Metal Gear Sold 3: Snake Eater" Naked Snake (Cold War version) also comes with three extra gloved hands - one for holding his pistol, another for grasping his SOG CQC knife and the third for additional posing.

The 1/6 scale Browning 9mm Mk 1 pistol is just one molded piece of plastic and the suppressor / silencer is slightly bent :(

I think Medicom is the only 1/6 company that makes hands that can grasp a knife properly. Hot Toys gives its movie licensed characters knives which they cannot grasp at all since they only have hands for gripping their firearms (e.g. Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer). Same goes for Ignite which released ninjas whose hands cannot hold their swords correctly (see my post HERE). Here's a closer look at the 1/6 scale SOG CQC (Close Quarter Combat) knife.

All 4 versions of Medicom's RAH (Real Action heroes) MGS3 "Metal Gear Sold 3: Snake Eater" Naked Snake (Cold War version) came with the M1956 LBE web gear with ammo pouches, canteen and cover, M1961 combat field pack (also known as butt pack), .45 cal automatic pistol holster with the STABO harness/rig that was invented by Sergeant First Class (SFC) Clifford L Roberts, US Army Special Forces. The STABO extraction harness was a device which allowed military personnel to be extracted (by helicopter) from field locations which prevented the conventional landing and boarding of a helicopter. It was a widely used and highly successful extraction device employed during the Vietnam War. Dragon did release a 1/6 special ops operator "Ron" with Charles Bronson's likeness from MACV-SOG in 2001.

This large piece of cloth was rolled up and tucked into the buttpack. Not too sure of its purpose, if any.

Close-up view of the M1916 black leather holster

The inside of the LBE revealed 1/6 ALICE clips. Soldier Story recently released a 1/6 MACV-SOG military figure with Willem DeFoe likeness who also had LBE with ALICE clips (pictures HERE).

You can also see the sheath for his SOG CQC knife attached to the STABO rig/harness

Naked Snake also has his radio with throat mic and earpiece on him for his covert ops

Let's not neglect his tropical combat boots, more popularly known as jungle boots

Well secured on his right calf area is his Combat Knife in sheath

NEXT post: We'll see a fully kitted-out Naked Snake!


Anonymous said...

aw Metal Gear is exclusive to Playstation... I have XBOX 360!
Nice review, first time i saw the back of the uniform, its an american flag! I like the pouches nicely done.
Interesting why he would be wearing a wetsuit and only top?

alex teo said...

hey AL my boys play the XBox 360. Me? i just keep on collecting - LOL!! i had no idea who Naked Snake was when he was first released as I'm not into video games and such - just liked the outfit and gear he came with. Now i know a little more than when i started, thanks to wiki :) i think Medicom shortchanged us when it came to the wetsuit. Because of the short sleeves of his jacket which shows the arms, Medicom had to include the wetsuit but the long pants cover up everything so Medicom doesn't think that they needed to include the lower portion since it cannot be seen.

Munir bin Julaihi said...

Damn, that Snake looks awesome! But the only thing I don't like is the face paint. It looks pretty tan. But as a huge MGS fan, I REALLY LOVE IT! :D

Btw, I also collect MGS figures;

MGS1 Snake, MGS3 Snake (Cold War) and MGS4 Snake (Olive Drab).

alex teo said...

Hi Munir, agree about the tan face paint. Looks like we have good taste Ha! Ha!

Mohamad said...

lol I kinda like the tan face hehe. I can't wait to get tige stripe and zombie version. By the way they called it CW camo, because you'll blend in if you wear this if you're walking facing the soviet's army. once you turn your back they'll recognize you.

alex teo said...

thanks Mohamad for the input on the CW camo, always glad when visitors enlighten me on such things. i like the new tan face too - i'm missing the zombie version at the moment

jeff said...

Hello again Alex, if i may, i wanna ask is it worth to get this figure for S$220? i'm a newbie in collecting 1:6 and i heard that the medicom's body was quite "bad" in a way but i'm also a fan of the MGS series.


My local store only had this version available. would love to get the tiger camo and zombie version as well

alex teo said...

hey jeff, i always ask myself the same question every time: is the figure worth the price i'm paying for? is it worth that much to me? if i can honestly say YES, then it's a deal. if not, i hold back and wait for the price to drop. it it does OK, if it doesn't no regrets.

the newer medicom bodies seem to be better produced. horror stories of the older types just cracking and breaking apart over time are all true - i've had a couple of them do that to me as well BUT like i said, no regrets ;p