Tuesday, October 27, 2009

And Then There Were Three (3)

Here's a group shot of 3 Naked Snake released by Medicom (the 4th is the one with square camouflage and painted skull face) for comparison. From left to right: "Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater" MGS3 Naked Snake (Cold War version), Naked Snake in "Snake" camouflage (Splitter) and Naked Snake in Tiger-striped camouflage.

Comparison of the first Naked Snake released by Medicom and the most recent

The M1956 LBE web gear with ammo pouches, canteen and cover, M1961 combat field pack (also known as butt pack), M1916 black leather holster and STABO harness/rig are the same. The only difference is the uniform/BDU (Battle Dress Uniform)

Naked Snake has two good eyes (original version with Tiger Stripe camouflage) when he started his mission but ends up with an eye patch after losing his right eye.

Medicom has improved much in the painting of the head sculpt since the first release

Naked Snake with Splitter camouflage

Comes with an M16 assault rifle with suppressor

And fake Gavial head (or "Gharial", one of the longest of all living crocodilians) which Naked Snake used to avoid detection in water

Closer look at the M16 assault rifle

Here are all three Naked Snake together again

More pictures of:
Medicom MGS3 Naked Snake (Cold War version) HERE
Medicom MGS3 Naked Snake with fake Gavial head HERE
Medicom MGS3 Naked Snake (the First version) HERE


cosmicbaby said...

You need the Wonder Fest Squre Camou version now to complete the family!

alex teo said...

yup marcus, looking out for it Ha! Ha!

Carlitox said...

the cold war version, looks like a Mexican dude, Lol like my people:)

alex teo said...

hey carlitox Mexicans have given us many GREAT things ;>

Carlitox said...

like Colour TV, Yay!!!

alex teo said...


Realjudgejudy said...

I'm almost 10 years late for this post but I had a question for you. The cold war version is the cheapest right now, by a wide margin I might add. Would you say these figures are full 1/6 scale? I want to buy a set of tiger stripe fatigues to put on the cold war version but I'm scared they will look too big on the medicom body!

alex teo said...

Hi Michael, these Medicom figures are generally smaller in size compared to regular 1/6th scale figures. If you purchase the standard set of tiger stripe fatigues, they will look big on the medicom body. That's one of the main reasons I stopped collecting Medicom figures as their scale is in a world of their own.