Sunday, August 15, 2010

1:6 Sean Connery as John Mason in The Rock

"Welcome to the Rock"

Alcatraz. Only one man has ever broken out. Now five million lives depend on two men breaking in. A group of U.S. marines, under command of a renegade general, take over Alcatraz and threaten San Francisco Bay with biological weapons. A chemical weapons specialist and the only man to have ever escaped from the Rock are the only ones who can prevent chaos.

In "The Rock (1996)", Sean Connery is John Mason, a former British Army Special Air Service operator illegally detained in the United States, and the only inmate to have ever successfully escaped Alcatraz.

This is a 1:6 head sculpt of Sean Connery from Toys City SBS figure (reviewed HERE) which I'm using as John Mason. His outfit is from the Loading Toys SEAL team set (see previous post) which was most convenient since I don't have to go looking for all the parts to make the whole :) although sometimes that is part of the fun.

Stanley Goodspeed (Nicholas Cage): Hi, I'm an agent with the federal... FBI... Well, my, I'm Stanley Goodspeed.
John Mason: But of course you are.
Agent Paxton (William Forsythe): Well, at least he got his name right.
Stanley Goodspeed: Of course I am.
John Mason: And you have an emergency.
Stanley Goodspeed: Right.
John Mason: And you need my help.
Stanley Goodspeed: Exactly right.
John Mason: Coffee.
Stanley Goodspeed: No, I'm fine, thank you.
John Mason: Offer me coffee.
John Mason: Are you sure you're ready for this?
Stanley Goodspeed: I'll do my best.
John Mason: Your "best"! Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen.
Stanley Goodspeed: Carla was the prom queen.
John Mason: Really?
Stanley Goodspeed: [cocks his gun] Yeah.
John Mason: I'm sure all this will make a great bed time story to tell your kid.
Stanley Goodspeed: You're insane, Mason. The kid'll have nightmares. I'll spend all my money on shrinks.

Here's another closer look at the 1:6 head sculpt of Sean Connery as John Mason

John Mason: I want a suite, a shower, a shave, the feel of a suit.
Stanley Goodspeed: May I also suggest a haircut?
John Mason: Am I out of style?
Stanley Goodspeed: Unless you're a 20 year old guitarist from Seattle. It's a grunge thing.
FBI Director Womack (John Spencer): Just clippers, no scissors.
Paul the Hotel Barber (Anthony Clark): No scissors, you've got to be kidding me, no scissors. I mean, did they tell Picasso "no brush"?
FBI Director Womack: With scissors, this man could kill you.
John Mason: I can't cut off anyone's balls with a trimmer, now can I? Why don't we do this outside? Get some sun.

And here's some close-ups of the Loading Toys 1:6 scale Eagle Assault Vest. Notice how black never goes out of style ;)

Agent Paxton: Mr. Mason, I'm Special Agent-in-Charge Ernest Paxton.
John Mason: In charge of what? Fucking me over for another three decades?
Agent Paxton: I don't know anything about your previous matters. We've brought you here because there's a situation that we think you can help us with.
John Mason: And what might that be? I've been in jail longer than Nelson Mandela, so maybe you want me to run for president.
John Mason: In my day, we did it all with a snorkel and a pair of flippers.
Agent Paxton: What's status?
Stanley Goodspeed: Status... is, they're dead. They're dead! It's just me and Mason, now he says he's leaving.
Agent Paxton: That is unacceptable, do you hear me? Unacceptable!
Stanley Goodspeed: Well, there's a problem sir, he's got a gun!
Agent Paxton: What do you have, a fuckin' water pistol?

Colt XM177 Commando look-a-like rifles are seen being used by many of the Marines. Mason and Goodspeed take two for themselves later in the film.

Stanley Goodspeed: You're shooting too close to the rocket! Him, but not the rocket!
John Mason: Any other news, professor?
Stanley Goodspeed: You enjoying this?
John Mason: Well, it's certainly more enjoyable than my average day... reading philosophy, avoiding gang rape in the washrooms... though, it's less of a problem these days. Maybe I'm losing my sex appeal.
[after Mason has killed a Marine, the corpse's foot twitches]
Stanley Goodspeed: You've been around a lot of corpses. Is that normal?
John Mason: What, the feet thing?
Stanley Goodspeed: Yeah, the feet thing.
John Mason: Yeah, it happens.
Stanley Goodspeed: Well I'm having a hard time concentrating. Can you do something about it?
John Mason: Like what, kill him again?
And this is my second 1:6 version of Sir Sean Connery as John Mason from "The Rock". Thanks for looking :)


WL said...

Hi Alex..

omg.. you can remember the dialogue by hard..

I also liked the part when Mason was breaking out of the hotel with Paul the barber scared out of his wits and asking Mason if he liked the haircut.. hahaha

great movie...

alex teo said...

hey WL

no lah ;P i got the dialogue by googling for movie quotes Ha Ha a lot of sites have them

if i did remember all by heart, that'll make me a rather creepy person who sits by the DVD and plays the movie and remembers everything word for word LOLz

i gotta agree it's a GREAT movie


Anonymous said...

Just wondering, what body is being used in the John Mason kitbash? Thanks...

alex teo said...

Hi anon, the 1:6 body i got was the TTL T2.0A body as the neck connector is the correct one.just have to replace the head with neck as the body including hands are ideal :) TTL T1.0 should work as well BUT not T3.0 as the neck connects only to the head and looks like it is designed to fit Hot Toys Movie masterpiece heads.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick reply sir. More power to your collections!!!

alex teo said...

hi anon Thanks for the encouragement :) TTL bodies are way cheaper than Hot Toys and they are good enough IMHO