Monday, August 16, 2010

Mattel Batgirl

continuing from where I left off last...

Finally, we have Batgirl! In "The Batman" animated series, a young Barbara Gordon is introduced in Season 3, who becomes Batgirl. Barbara tries to be Batman's sidekick, but he refuses to accept the need for a partner until the end of the Season. This differed from the comics, in which Robin was Batman's sidekick. This was due to Teen Titans animated series having the character in that show, and was off limits in appearing in other shows.

This Barbara Gordon is much younger than previous incarnations (Probably to cater to a younger female audience). As for the toy version, Mattel gave her a large gun which she can't even lift.

And here's how Batgirl looks next to Batman

What has been posted so far on Mattel's "The Batman" line of action figures:
1. The Batman, an all new interpretation / incarnation of the Dark Knight by Jeff Matsuda
2. Bruce Wayne to Batman (man becoming bat)
3. The Joker debuts in the first episode ""The Bat in the Belfry"
4. Man-Bat flys in in episode #4, "The Man Who Would Be Bat"
5. Batman & Man-Bat face-off (it's man vs BAT)
6. Bane muscles his way in "Traction (episode #2)"
7. Bane vs Batman in their first showdown
8. The Batbot, created for defeating Bane (it's machine vs BIG man)
9. Mr Freeze gives Batman the cold shoulder in "The Big Chill"
10. The Batman in anti-Freeze costume ("The Big Chill", episode #5)
11. Firefly just wants to fry the Batman
12. The Penguin waddles in at number twelve
13. The March of the Penguins (various styles and types of Penguins)
14. Killer Moth undergoes metamorphosis
15. The Riddler, all green with envy


Stephen said...

I always liked this re-design (IMO one of the few good ones from The Batman), it was a nice homage to the original costume, but was different enough to keep it fresh. Shame that Batgirl barely appeared in the last season, she was one of my fave characters on the show

stephen said...

I loved this version of Bat-girl! It's too bad she was only highlighted in Season 3, cuz she was an awesome character on the show!

alex teo said...

Agreed stephen (FB) nice to have Batgirl as a sidekick instead of Robin for a change :)

StarWarsFan said...

This is an awesome figure! I love how they made a reference to the 60's show (the outfit), while they also kept some of the modern look. (Cape and cowl). :D

alex teo said...

I like a lot of the new interpretations of the Batman characters in this animated series, and Batgirl happens to be one of them.