Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pre-order 1:6 Land Rover WMIK

The Land Rover is a military utility vehicle in service with UK Armed Forces. Designated in service as Truck Utility Light or Truck Utility Medium (TUL/TUM) High Specification (HS), the TUL was based on the shorter wheel base Defender 90, whilst the TUM was based on the Defender 110.

A variant of TUM is the Weapons Mount Installation Kit (WMIK, pronounced ‘Wimik’) for use as reconnaissance and close fire support vehicles. [source: wiki]

And now from a company called Taowan comes a 1:6 scale Land Rover WMIK Assault Vehicle (Desert Sand) with removable and interchangeable Steering wheel and front seats from left to right and vice versa as well as Full metal M2 machine (including metal shells, metal bracket set, metal box), Machine gun stand set and Spare tire. 1:6 figures are NOT inluded!!!

You can pre-order your Land Rover WMIK here. There's also the NATO Green version for pre-order HERE (pre-orders close on 16-08-2010) Prices stated are in SGD (SinGapore Dollars)


Anonymous said...

Great item but too expensive and excessively bulk for display. Haven't heard of this manufacturer.

alex teo said...

There must have been enough demand for them to even consider making this in metal and selling it. Can you imagine the shipping costs?

This isn't the first meatl 1:6 vehicle Taowan is selling. They've done some in the past but mostly WW2