Saturday, August 14, 2010

Loading Toys SEAL Team set REVIEW

This is the Loading Toys "Set of Seal Team" box packaging. The box cover is an obvious reference to the 1996 action film "The Rock", which was directed by Michael Bay and starred Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage and Ed Harris.

This is the scene where chemical weapons expert Stanley Goodspeed (Nicolas Cage) lights green flares to signal that the threat is over as an air strike by armed F/A-18s flies towards the Alcatraz Island a.k.a The Rock.

The back of the box packaging seems to reveal some hidden SEAL code but is actually a major boo-boo by the manufacturer Loading Toys. All the words have been displayed in mirror image i.e. you'll need a mirror to read it. It says, "Seal Team set - 100% metal M4 x 1, Black tactical clothes x 1, M4 metal clip x 2, 511 Boots HRT x 1, no body"

This set is obviously insufficient to equip any US Navy SEAL Team. The United States Navy SEa, Air and Land (SEAL) Teams (commonly known as the Navy SEALs) are the Navy's elite principal special operations force. This set looks like it is actually meant for either Stanley Goodspeed (Nicolas Cage) or John Mason (Sean Connery), both of whom accompanied the U.S. Navy SEAL Team (presumably SEAL Team 6) to retake Alcatraz Island in the film. You have the basic black tactical clothes and boots

The black combat boots are very well done with nice soles and fine stitching all round.

The only other accessory is the black Eagle assault vest. The 1/6 weapon included is a die-cast metal M4 carbine with two die-cast metal magazines

The die-cast metal M4 assault rifle is also very well manufactured with amazing details and adjustable butt stock plus two 30-round magazines

This is overall a very basic set but it was just what I was looking for for something I have in mind :)


Anonymous said...

What collectors want may be Cage's headsulpt AND Ed Harris' USMC Brigadier General uniform. These are not in the market. Others are available from the market.

alex teo said...

actually there have been quite a number of 1:6 scale nicholas cage head sculpts released already and most recently a few Ed Harris HS as well. The USMC Brigadier General uniform in urban camouflage would be nice :)

ActionFigMan said...

Hey Alex, I am Peter. I recently started collecting myself and am hoping to improve my collection. I have a couple of figures and some Marvel pieces such as Daredevil, Blade, Incredible hulk. I have some bluebox soilders also. I'm hoping to start adding more to my menial collection.

Which is a good website to buy from. I have been buying from Ebay, Sideshow, CMD and Entertainmentearth. Which others would you recommend?

I like the page, its quite detailed, and you have a lot of knowledge about 1:6 action figures. Do you know if there are any mags covering our collections?


alex teo said...

Hi Peter (love your blog name :>)

here are two stores you can go to
- they have been around for a while so they should be pretty reliable
(no bad reps so far)

sometimes products are very new & may not be up for pre-order so soon,
you may have to ask them

as for myself, i get all my stuff locally through my dealer

they are able to get almost anything for me as long as it is current and even when i don't pre-order and because they are local, i just go and pick up my stuff when they arrive :)

you can also try Cotswold Collectibles

they have been around for ages - they were already on the scene before I started my collection in 1994

I'm not sure of regular magazines just on 1/6 figures but there are books and references, cotswold has them too