Thursday, August 19, 2010

Soldier Story Expandable 1:6 Weapons Racks! PREVIEW

This is for both ethan and Wee Loong (WL) - your search is over :)

Soldier Story will be releasing these expandable 1:6 scale weapon racks in due course and man, they certainly look good. This after I'd posted earlier on 1:6 weapon racks. Soldier Story's 1:6 Weapon Racks seem to be one the most versatile small arms storage rack available on the market today. The back panel allows for multiple weapon systems to be stored on the same rack independent from each other.

Okay, you can wipe the drool off your face now LOL XD waiting for Roy to put the pre-orders up CHEERS!


Rash said...

sweeet, about time too!

Rafys78 said...

Awesome pic & setup.

Little Plastic Man said...

This is sweet!

WL said...

Hi Alex!

All i can say is..

It feels like meeting your first love..



ethan said...

@WL, i can't agree more with u :)

This is like meeting your first love with plastic surgery & face lift,

@alex, thanks for posting this..will keep an eye on local shops for the pre-order.

desmond said...

Look nice and neat for weapons :)

Covenant said...

Now you can have your very own 1/6 scale Walmart!

Anonymous said...

1/6 scale Walmart? hehe good one!
hope price is right! cool stuff.

Anonymous said...

Were do I purchase the expandable weapon rack in your picture?


alex teo said...

TFH is all sold out :( BUT I've seen them in shops at China Square Central CHEERS