Sunday, August 29, 2010

Medicom RAH Star Wars Boba Fett ROTJ Version Preview

Medicom has released pictures of their next Star Wars RAH (Real Action Heroes) 1:6 scale 12-inch figure and it's the ROTJ (Return of the Jedi) Boba Fett. What is the difference between the ESB (Empire Strikes Back) Boba Fett and ROTJ Boba Fett? Apparently the obvious differences are the gun and the gauntlets as well as the Jetpack. ESB jetpack is green and ROTJ is multicolored. ROTJ is the same color scheme, though more weathered, as Jango's Kamino pack in AOTC. The gauntlets also changed from green to red.

Gleaned from the internet: "Well, sticking to the facts strictly, as many have already said, color and paint sceme/weathering is the biggest difference I can see. The ESB does not have ankle spats, ROTJ does. ESB has a slightly different blaster rifle with different greeblies. ESB rifle has a sling, ROTJ does not. ESB has a sidearm, ROTJ does not. Belt pouches are situated differently between the two. ROTJ cape is made from a army tent and is green. The ESB cape is a tannish brown with an orangish/rust-colored stripe on it. Flamethrower attachment is way different on ESB. ROTJ has 2 or 3 hoses running to the right gauntlet, ESB only has one. Bantha skulls on left shoulder are slightly different between the two."

Even though Boba Fett supposedly came after Jango Fett, I am more familiar with Boba Fett because in the movie world, he appeared way before Jango ever did and he became a cult figure the moment he appeared in "The Empire Strikes Back".

Boba Fett had tracked the Millennium Falcon to Cloud City, where Vader captures its passengers and tortures its captain, Han Solo (Harrison Ford). Wanting to collect a bounty on Solo from Jabba the Hutt, Fett confronts Vader about whether Solo will survive. Vader's decision not to elevate the confrontation marks the only time a character other than Emperor Palpatine makes Vader "quail".

Boba Fett's BlasTech EE-3 Blaster Rifle. Boba Fett's main weapon was a EE-3 carbine rifle, more powerful than a stormtrooper's blaster. It was outfitted with a scope for sniping and a fast draw shoulder sling. It fired in short bursts for more accuracy and power.

You can view pictures of the Medicom Toys RAH Boba Fett HERE together with pictures of the Marmit Boba Fett


laME boy said...

Looks nice but i don't really like Medicom's 1/6th. They lack accessories and just cost too much for what we're getting.

desmond said...

Alex, I may consider to get this piece. Are you getting it?

Covenant said...

OMG another Boba Fett? Why can't Medicom do more Cowboy Bebop figures instead?

alex teo said...

hey desmond, nice as it is I'm very disillusioned with Medicom's HIGH prices and SMALL scale size even though they are supposed to be 1/6. it means i cannot pose them with all the other STAR WARS 1/6 figures. Sideshow has been giving us GREAT value-for-money quality figures in their STAR WARS troopers so I'll be sticking to those for now :)

Anonymous said...

I so want to like this, but after getting burned by the ROTLA figs ($), no more MEDICOM. Underscaled peg-warmers.

laME boy said...

If there were more stuff and the fabric not so stiff-looking, i would probably consider getting this. Shame really.