Friday, February 18, 2011

Hot Toys Tracker Predator coming SOON

Looks like Hot Toys will be releasing the third Predator from the "Predators (2010)" movie - the Tracker Predator, identified by a pair of tusks attached to its helmet, with the quadrupedal hunting beasts for tracking.

Stay tuned for details :)

UPDATE February 23, 2011: Official pictures by Hot Toys released HERE


Anonymous said...

When will release for this Tracker Predator?

alex teo said...

no news yet. HT is just teasing us :)

laME boy said...

Don't know what you think Alex, but Hot Toys seems to be lacking accessories with regards to their figures recently. Only the DX ones have what I consider to be adequate accessories. Hopefully, this would come with a hunting beast, which would then make the 3 predators an awesome collection.

alex teo said...

seems like the beast is part of the accessory... perhaps the lack of accessories could be due to the fact that these predators didn't have much with them throughout the film CHEERS