Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blast from the Past #3: Mighty Max Blasts Magus

Mighty Max was a series of toys which were manufactured by Bluebird Toys PLC in the UK in 1992. The toys were similar to the earlier Polly Pocket toyline. However, these toys were marketed primarily towards young boys.

In 1993, an American animated series was created based on the toys. After the series began to air, the characters Virgil and Norman and toys based on episodes of the series were added to the toyline to form a new series. It ran for two seasons, with a total of 40 episodes airing during the show's run.

This is the Mighty Max Blasts Magus Playset released in 1993 which we bought for Jared when he was just a kid. It was considered a large-sized playset and a really fun toy to play with and though Jared has outgrown it, the complete figure is still around up to this day :) This is Magus fully assembled. Magus closes up neatly with all the accessories inside.

Box description: From the Earth's core comes the ultimate battle machine, the insane creation of the Lava Lord! Half rock, half robot, it's mission is to mince Max - meet the mind-blowing Magus! (with 3 firing missiles, 9 vehicles and figures)

Magus opens up into a full FUN playset resembling a lava rock fortress. The head opens up to reveal the jaw bridge command post. You tilt Magus head to open up the back section.

The left and right upper arms are also silos for storing the Hammerfist Missile Launching Vehicle (right) and the Volkan Klaw Vehicle (left). The twin firing thermabolts on Magus' chest can be mounted for front and rear action. The yellow missiles were also the eyes of the robot when it was assembled. Lava Lord is in the Control Center with his built-in escape plane "The Flame".

Laid out from the left to right: HammerFist Missile Launching Vehicle, missile, MagmaTrak Reconnaissance Bike ridden by one of Lava Lord's lava beasts and Volkan Klaw Vehicle for capturing and crushing Lava Lord's victims.

Some of the characters in the Mighty Max series (click on the picture for a bigger and better view).

From left to right: Lava Lord, Max the hero - a young boy with blond hair, jeans, a white t-shirt with a red "M" on it, and a baseball cap (the color varied based on the playset purchased) which also always had an "M" on it, fearless Norman and wise old Virgil

And here's the Magus playset all opened up for full play value with all the accessories laid out

And there's our boy Max on the jaw bridge command post with Lava Lord lurking just behind. Norman and Vigil are right below in the control center

"Watch out, Max!"

At the back of Magus is where the prisoners' cage is located

The prison cage has slots / positions for placing Max, Vigil and the Lava Beast Cage Guard

Here's a look at the opened up Magus from the rear

Magus with cage door shut

Mighty Max Blasts Magus being put back together again. After this picture, we go back to the top and start all over ;p


Dan said...

One of my most favorite toys! Awesome pictures!

alex teo said...

mine too, Dan :) thanks for the kind words CHEERS

Unknown said...

So this is kind of an awesome coincidence. 3 days ago, I was going through a box of old toys that had some MM stuff in it. I found this lava ball misslie with fins on it, that I knew was from Might Max, but couldn't figure out where it went. I never would have known what I was even looking at without stumbling across this post. Now I just need to see if I can find the figure too lol.

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