Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Toyscity Navy SEAL Recon Diver - coming soon!

This is the upcoming ToysCity release: TC9013 - a 1/6 scale US Navy SEAL Recon Diver 12-inch military figure.

It seems like the use of the term SEAL is a popular marketing term for all these 1/6 manufacturers. This is the umpteenth SEAL figure to be released (I've lost count of the number of 12-inch SEAL figures already in the 1/6 market or being released!) In reality, this figure could easily be a US Army Special Forces (SF) Diver (the SEALs don't own the water), Ranger Recon Detachment, CAG (Combat Applications Group, an abbreviation of the official name of Delta Force), AFSOC CCT (United States Air Force Special Operations Command Combat Controller), etc.

Toyscity Navy SEAL Recon Diver will come with Real-like Head Sculpt, T 2.0 Body, PRO Protective Helmet, 3-holes NVG Mount, PVS-18 Night Vision Goggle, LITE II Headset & TEA PTT, PRC-148 Radio, Multicam G2 Combat Shirt, Multicam Gen 2 Field Pants, CQB Combat Belt, M.Khaki MLCS H-Harness, Foam Floatation Pannel x 5, M.Khaki MLCS M16 Double Mag Pouch x 2, M.Khaki MLCS PRC-148 Pouch, M.Khaki MLCS Double Pistol Mag Pouch, M.Khaki MLCS Signal Flare Pouch, M.Khaki Utility / Medic Pouch, M.Khaki Breacher Slap Charge Pouch, C.Brown Universal Drop Leg Holster, Quick-Detach Lanyard, M.Khaki MLCS Butt Utility Pack, Storm 3L Hydra pack, Combat Boots, Combat Kneepad, 4.0 Heavy Duty Gloves

Weapon of choice: MK12 Marksman Rifle with 30-round M16 Magazine x 4, 20-round MP Magazine x 4, PEQ-15 Laser Indicator, ACOG Optic Sight and Gun Sling

What a diver needs in the water: LAR Rebreather, LAR Life Preserver, Diving Weight Belt, Military Diver Navigation Board, Diving Compass, Diving Depth Gauge, Diving Watch, Diving Combat Lanyard, Diving Goggle, Jet-fin

Sidearm: PARA 14.45 Pistol with Tactical Flash and Pistol Magazine x 3

Edged weapon: Combat Wrist blade, Combat Diving Knife.

Also has MS2000 Strobe Light, Personal GPS, Signal Flare, M-18 Smoke Grenade x 2, D ring x 2, Light Stick x 4, Patches, Military Tape

The head sculpt looks like Jean Reno at certain angles and a much older Edward Norton too


Unknown said...

My only complaint in the surplus of SEAL sets coming out is that so many people are starting to love SEALs too much that it's hard to win at ebay bids.haha :D I like this one, although i'm not really sure about SEALs using multicam...can anyone lead me to a real picture of a SEAL in MC gear?

ethan said...

Not a bad figure...but most probably will pass on this one

alex teo said...

here's a link for a SEAL wearing Crye Gen2 uniform


caption: SAN CLEMENTE ISLAND, Calif. (Dec. 10, 2010) A Navy special warfare specialist (SEAL) assigned to Seal Team 17, a unit comprised of both active and reserve component members based in Coronado, Calif., climbs into the turret gunner position during a mobility training exercise through a simulated city.


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

oh, 'scuse me... NOW i know how much gear one can pack onto a 1:6!!

alex teo said...

... and sometimes even MORE ;p

Unknown said...

Thanks for the link! I can now start calling my man in MC a SEAL with proof.haha

alex teo said...

you're most welcome :) it's always good to know these guys are mot made up and that they are real CHEERS