Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Coomodel 1/6 Traveler's Equipment Set - coming soon

This is the Coomodel's upcoming release - Travelers equipment set which will include a Thoracic stent 1:6 bust, 1:6 luggage backpack and Desert Eagle pistol 1:6 full set of 3 modes.

What's with the mannequin (also called a mannekin, mannikin, manikin, dummy, or lay figure)? Seems pretty pointless to me and I just don't get it. Most likely the silver mannequin is a reference to the mall chase scene in T2 with the T-1000 but still, pretty lame.

The Desert Eagle is a large-framed gas-operated semi-automatic pistol designed by Magnum Research in the U.S. and by IMI in Israel, the pistol is manufactured primarily in Israel by IMI (Israel Military Industries, now Israel Weapon Industries). [source: wiki]

The Desert Eagle uses a gas-operated mechanism normally found in rifles, as opposed to the short recoil or blow-back designs most commonly seen in semi-automatic pistols.

The advantage of the gas-operation is that it allows the use of far more powerful cartridges than traditional semi-automatic pistol designs. Thus it allows the Desert Eagle to compete in an area that had previously been dominated by magnum revolvers.

Switching a Desert Eagle to another chambering requires only that the correct barrel, bolt assembly, and magazine be installed. Thus, a conversion to fire the other cartridges can be quickly accomplished. The most popular barrel length is 6 in (152 mm), although 8, 10 and 14 in (202, 254 and 356 mm) barrels are available.

This is how the second mode looks like, with a longer barrel

And this is the third mode you can switch to, with an even longer barrel

The Coomodel 1/6 Traveler's Equipment Set also come in black

And if you buy both sets, you can mix and match for that different look and feel, with silver and black parts since they are interchangeable

The black shoulder bag can also be used to carry your 1:6 scale gatling gun or M134 "Minigun"


Juliana said...

Happy New Year to you and your family!! Let's all Huat Ah!! :D

alex teo said...

thanks juliana, let's all HUAT indeed haha Happy CNY to you too ;p

Anonymous said...

Hi Bro,

any idea where I can purchase/pre-order this item? Dun seem to see it on the Falcon's Hangar website..

thx a lot,


P/S: ur reviews of the figures are simply AWESOME!!!!!

alex teo said...

Hi Kidd

thanks for the compliments haha

no worries about TFH not carrying it yet - these are early prototype pictures and i'm quite sure the guys at the Hangar will have the pre-order up when it's made available