Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hot Toys 160th SOAR “Night Stalkers” crewmember 12-inch figure

While waiting for the Soldier Story 1:6 scale 160th SOAR "Nightstalkers" Pilot Todd McDunn 12-inch figure (PREVIEWED here), here's a look at the Hot Toys 160th SOAR (Special Operation Aviation Regiment) “Night Stalkers” crewmember, released by Hot Toys in 2004.

The Hot Toys 1:6 scale 160th SOAR “Night Stalkers” crewmember 12-inch figure came with HGU-56/P Helmet with double visor, AN/PVS-6 NVG, Comms Headset, Woodlands Camo BDUs, Body Armour, LPU 34/R Life Preserver, specialised load-bearing vest with pouches, strobe light, cyalume light sticks x 2, signalling mirror, whistle, AN/PRC-112 radio, Helicopter Aircrew Breathing Device (HABD) with pouch, harness, SOE Rigger's belt with pistol in holster & one spare clip, drop-leg magazine pouches with one M4 mag, Nomex aviator gloves, watch, M4 asault rifle with ACOG scope & power grip, MP5A3 SMG double clip with RAS system, Aimpoint & Surefire tac light, knee pads, and Altama boots.


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Holy Toledo! Now I know how much gear you can pack on a 1:6 ... a Damn Lot! :D
That thing is beautiful

alex teo said...

haha i totally agree with you and this remains one of my favorite figures to this day CHEERS!