Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dragon HK Police EOD Bureau "Jimmy" Figure with SRS-5 Suit

This was the very first 1/6 scale Dragon Models (DML) Hong Kong Police EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) 12-inch Figure with SRS-5 Suit to be released. Jimmy is a member of the Hong Kong Police Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau and he came with the lightweight blast suit (BlasTech SRS-5), helmet with blast shield, walkie-talkie radio and suspect container (canned fruit).

Jimmy performs Search & Reconnaissance tasks wearing the SRS-5 suit. This type of protective over-garment provides CB Blast protection during low threat EOD/EDD operations involving agent contaminants. In these situations, it must be used in conjunction with the SRS-5 Helmet with VBC-250, Chemical Protective Undergarment (CPU), an SCBA system and appropriate CB protective boots and gloves.

The SRS-5 Suit's lighter weight and flexibility make it an excellent protective platform for search and reconnaissance missions, 'number two' personnel and dog handlers. The SRS-5 Suit includes an Integrated Groin Protector (IGP) and a retractable groin plate for easier kneeling.

The tube thing sticking out behind the helmet is part of the forced air ventilation system and a filter. This suit weighs 90lbs and it's so hot inside you can loose 3 pounds for walking half a block. It's a kevlar suit with 90% of the protection in the front (a bomb tech should always keep his eyes on the bomb at all times even walking away they never turn their back on it) and most of the padding is at the back for a cushioned fall.

Dragon released two more 1:6 scale SRS-5 suits in Green after this release, the U.S. Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Unit - "Dennis" figure and the more recent US Army EOD Squad Leader - Operation Iraqi Freedom - "William" (Sergeant First Class) (Reviewed in an earlier post HERE)

The suits are pretty much identical except for the colors, this being blue (although the color has faded over time to a grayish hue) and the later models in army green

Dragon Models Hong Kong Police EOD Bureau "Jimmy" 12-inch figure with some accessories for his tasks at hand: 80ST X-Ray unit and Ether spray can (from the G.I. Joe "Bomb Disposal" Battle Gear set released in the year 2000)

Close-up view of the 80ST X-Ray unit and Ether spray can as well as the Auxiliary Battery Pack.

You can view the suiting up process of the SRS-5 suit in my post HERE and view the green suit version HERE for comparison.

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desmond said...

Alex, I remember this is another HK EOD blue colour suit figure, is Simon the one I mention here??

Beast said...

I had the same figure and it deteriorated to the same colour as yours even when I had placed it away from sunlight...

Anonymous said...

The headsculpt of Jimmy is loosely based on the HK movie star Leon Lai in late 1990s.

alex teo said...

hi desmond, check out my next post for the other figure :) it's even better because it's the actual EOD suit -

hi "beast" mine also suffered from discoloration :( i have both versions placed side by side and only this one has this effect

thanks for the tip, anon CHEERS