Saturday, February 26, 2011

Toys City 1/6 British Special Force Support Group PREVIEW

This is another Toys City 12-inch military figure coming to you soon. He's supposed to be a member of the British Special Force Support Group and will come with: Real-like head sculpt, T2.0 body, Custom AOR1 SMOCK field jacket, Custom 3-c combat pants, L.grey shirt, Duty belt, Smoke green hard plate carrier, Smoke green M16 triple mag pouch x 2, Coyote brown PRC-148 pouch, C.brown single M16 mag pouch x 2, C.brown double flash-bang grenade pouch, Black single pistol mag pouch x 3, Black utility pouch, 6004 holster, 3-c 3L hydra pack, L119A1 assault rifle with SF suppressor, 30-round M16 magazine x 4, 30-round MP magazine x 3, PEQ-15 laser indicator, 552 optic sight, Quick-detach gun sling, P226 pistol, Pistol magazine x 3, MICH 2000 helmet, GX NVG mount, PVS-21 night vision goggles, SF helmet light, Balaclava, combat boots, CQB gloves, ORDIN headset & TEA PTT, PRC-148 radio, S-10 gas mask, drop-leg gas mask pouch, kneepads, Wrist map pouch, Personal GPS, M-84 stun grenade x 2, D-ring x 2, Light stick x 4, Plastic hand cuffs, Patches, Military tape

This British soldier is equipped with US kit from head to toe.

The only thing British about this figure is the Union Flag on his sleeve!

There's a saying that British special forces are given the flexibility to choose their own weapons and gear. It looks like members of this team completely dissed everything British for US stuff.

The combination almost looked like a custom kitbash rather than a properly outfitted trooper

The head sculpt seems to be based on Captain John Price, call-sign Bravo Six, is an English character featured in "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" and "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2", a member of the British SAS (Special Sir Service). He often carried a modified M4A1 and wore a boonie hat during field operations.

A beard like that is no good for a respirator as it doesn't provide a good seal.

You can pre-order your Toys City 1/6 British Special Force Support Group 12-inch military figure now at TFH (launch date: April 2011)


richie said...

looks like a poorly bashed SAS..I think this would be better if it said SEAL.haha

karim rouichi said...

poor quality

Anonymous said...

Hello mister toyhaven ^^ few days ago I have seen Captain Price with a cigar and a gaz mask in a dark SAS cloth but I can't find it! Can you give me the link please?
Regards from France ;)

alex teo said...

sorry I'm not sure which one you are referring to :( is it the Loading Toys 22 SAS Regt? link: