Friday, August 19, 2011

BEWARE: Fake Hot Toys Wolverine in the market!

This is a statement from Hot Toys regarding counterfeit products of the Hot Toys Wolverine Collectible Figure from the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie‏

Dear all, Recently, we discovered that there are counterfeit products of the Hot Toys Wolverine Collectible Figure from the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie in the market which are mainly originated from Vietnam that we are very concerned about. The genuine and counterfeit products look similar at first glance but actually they look very different in terms of the collectibles’ quality, details, painting technique and packing.

Fans should pay special attention to it. Just in case we re-produce the collectible products, we will make official announcement to let fans know. If there are any queries on the suspected counterfeit products, please don’t hesitate to contact the Hot Toys team at

This is the first time I've ever heard and seen an entire Hot Toys X-Men Origins: Wolverine box set replicated! Apparently there are tons of it on e-bay quite recently. A fellow visitor to my blog had written to me recently about such a figure but I didn't think it was possible until Hot Toys released their statement today. It just goes to show what people would do to make a quick buck! I guess it's still best to pre-order from authorized dealers whenever possible. This way you know that you're getting the genuine and original Hot Toys product for sure.

For pictures of the real deal, check out my Hot Toys Wolverine reviews HERE.


One Shot said...

hmmmm...interesting, well let's say you missed out on the Hot Toys release, this is something you can add too your collection (if the price is right) since you missed out on the Hot Toys version. you think?? not that we all out support counterfeit products (But China does it to US products ALL THE TIME)but there are plenty "knock offs" that we see floating around. (for instance look at the business man in the suit figure) It looks just like the Soldier Story PMC figure) The body on the Gary Oldman Victorian dressed figure uses a Hot Toys knock off body, it's all over our hobby. Not that I condone it but it's been a part of business from day one. Both China and Japan make businesses out of "counterfeiting" items that another company has created. Our US borders seize counterfeit products all the time...but they still get in, just visit any China Town in the US and you can buy all the fake high end purses, Nike clothing anf Prada stuff you want. LOL! I didn't get Wolverine and I regret it, but hmmmm I think I would get a fake one regardless of the lack of quality. That's just me though.
Alex you rock! always with the great info.

jaztermareal said...

so is it a full fake (reproduced clothes, body etc) or an imitation with a few reproduced parts like the ones ive seen a few of (michael jackson figures, resident evil chris redfield, albert weskar or shiva alomar? (which were basically statues with recasted hot toys heads and guns produced under the crazy toys brand who also knocked off ht's iron man bobble heads)

either way, if its hot, its gonna be faked. it will suck for loads of people to think they are gonna get the real-deal only to find they received a fake.

alex teo said...

Yup, reproduced clothes and all, down to the belt buckle. Apparently it's quite well done too. The question now is how's the 12-inch body since that is one of the unique feature about this Wolverine figure. Head sculpt is almost there except he looks like he had too much of a tan.

LEon said...

For 12 inches figure, the body is the least that anyone is concern about since the value is the face, costume and accessories.

And guess what? Many 12 inch collectors will buy them knowing it's fake for the accessories on other of the figures. After all who do not want to have more accessories.

However if anyone who do not do their research and bought the fake thinking it's original and paying original price, then that is where it hurt the most.

Actually I am surprise that only now I hear about fake hottoys. It should be out long time ago...or maybe only now someone then learn about that.

Jason Austin said...

with ht prices growing by the minute i don't think many folks will care that they are fakes out there, they just want one. ht kinda caused this by the way they release and market their figures. when you make limited amounts you will have some company trying to supply the demand! i stress everytime a new figure comes out becasuse i feel if i dont get it i could be missing out or even worse i could be paying three times as much on the after market! its not cool that knock offs being made but i understand why they are. if ht start reissuing maybe the demand will go down and the fake ones will get pushed out of the market, but i don't think ht will give up the frenzy they now have over their figures! we will see! hey bro, once again thanks so much for your blog and your time you spend updating it and responding! take care! Jason for Cali

Anonymous said...

I'm quite surprised by how good this fake actually looks, yeah it's not quite up there to Hot Toys high standards but I can imagine a lot fans who don't own the legit Wolverine going for this at a decent price as the original was going for a lot of $$ on EvilBay. So I guess the question now is, who they gonna clone next?

Anonymous said...

They're are still people selling those knock off crappy Hellboy figures on eBay and they claim they are Hot Toys items.

Anonymous said...

I think the saddest thing is the average price they have been selling these for is 200.00 and I'm pretty sure the bidders know that they're fakes.