Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Custom Studio: Silver Praying Mantis PMC Preview

Praying Mantis is a Private Military Company that operates under the Outer Heaven mother company, run by Liquid Ocelot. It is based in Britain, and utilizes the SOP System, using nanomachines to enhance and regulate their senses. Their business activities include soldiers for hire, supply and logistics services, education and training for state armies, and everything expected from a PMC.

Praying Mantis soldiers are well known for their appearance. They wear khaki cargo pants and tactical armor. They can be seen wearing black jackets under their CIRAS armor vests and balaclavas as well as headsets.

Their primary weapon is the Mk.17 and their basic sidearm is the GSR. Several of them can also be seen using the M14 EBR as their sniper rifles (or DMRs - Designated Marksman Rifles) against the Middle Eastern militiamen with great precision and effect.

This is the Custom Studio 1/6 scale Silver Praying Mantis PMC 12-inch figure coming to a store near you, with everything a Praying Mantis operator needs to get the job done. Interesting take on a general subject matter since this is neither based on an actual operator (but who really knows, if they are that discreet) or a main game character.

Troops can be identified in their role depending on the headgear they wear; ones wearing the black ballistic helmet also have goggles and are seen to be regular troops while the troops wearing baseball caps also opt for specialized roles such as snipers, spotters and radiomen.

A quick swap of pants and you can also kitbash a MW2 Shadow Company soldier. The Shadow Company troopers were using tan gear with all-black uniforms as seen in the ending levels of Modern Warfare 2. Not what I know since I don't play the game but it's what I picked up from online forum chatter to share with you folks ;p This is certainly a good uniform set for kitbashing possibilities :)