Sunday, August 14, 2011

STGCC 2011 Soldier Story Exclusive: USMC version 2.0 PREVIEW

Check it out: This will be the 2011 Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC 2011) Soldier Story Exclusive: a 1/6 scale USMC 2nd MEB (Marine Expeditionary Brigade) 12-inch military figure, as seen and based in Afghanistan's Helmand province. This looks to be the USMC 2nd MEB in Afghanistan's Helmand province version 2.0, since version 1 was previewed earlier in June. You can see the pictures of the original version HERE.

This STGCC 2011 Soldier Story Exclusive: Afghanistan USMC 2nd MEB version 2.0 will come with some extras which will include a 1/6 scale Desert Marpat 8-point cover (i.e. US Marine Corps hat) and Woodlands MARPAT assault pack. Also included will be a new and improved USMC ID Patch + NVG. The STGCC 2011 Soldier Story Exclusive has an M4 with PEQ15 and M203 grenade launcher instead of the M16 as seen earlier.

The 1/6 head sculpt looks a little old for a Marine but after watching the movie "World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles" where Aaron Eckhart played USMC Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz who leads a platoon of U.S. Marines during a global alien invasion, anything is possible.

Other items include T-Shirt, USMC MCCU Shirt & Pants, Belt, AN/PRC 343 Radio Pouch, USMC MTV Vest, Double Mag Pouch, Single Mag Pouch, 200-round Pouch, Triple 40mm Grenade Pouch x2, Single Frag Grenade Pouch x2, Dump Pouch, Utility Pouch, M127A Signal Flare Pouch x2, Boots, Gun Sling, Gloves, Combat Application Tourniquet, LWH Helmet with MARPAT Cover, NVG Mount, Googles with Cover, AN/PRC 343 Radio With Headset, USMC Combat Knife, ACOG TA31 RCO 4x32 Scope with Doctor Red Dot, Filter, Rail Sling Mount Adapter, M16 Mag x 6 + 1, 40mm Grenade (Metal And Plastic) x 6, CQC M1911 Holster, CQC Pistol Mag Case x 2, M1911 MEU Pistol, M1911 Pistol Mag x 2 + 1, M67 Grenade x 2, M127A Signal Flare (Metal) x 2, Handcuffs x 2, Climbing Buckle, Carabiner (Metal), S2 Body


WL a.k.a Wee Loong said...

Hi Alex,

so if I pre-ordered the fig.. will I be getting the version1 or 2?

I actually prefer the younger looking HS...



alex teo said...

hey WL

the pre-orders are for version 1 :)
this is a STGCC exclusive sold only at the convention


WL a.k.a Wee Loong said...

Hi Alex,

thanks for clarifying..

good I prefer version 1...

Anonymous said...

this guy too! - http:/

alex teo said...

those are pretty AWESOME pictures :) thanks for the link CHEERS