Monday, August 15, 2011

Triad Toys - Dead Cell: Abigail Van Helsing PREVIEW

The year is 1946 and the United States is sifting through the rubble of World War II. The arcane society known as the “Prophets” deliver a prisoner to the U.S. government that would forever change the face of history. Dr. Frank Von Steinman was Germany’s best biochemist and Hitler’s lead scientist on the “Endsieg” project to build the ultimate super soldier. In exchange for his immunity and protection, Dr. Steinmann agrees to divulge the details of Project Endsieg. The information which proves a far more powerful enemy lies in wait. The good doctor insists it will take more than just firepower to win this next war.

After the U.S. government put top men on the effort to research occult artifacts unearthed after the war, they turned to an outside source to lead the effort to battle back against the supernatural threats that had been unleashed. They turned to Abigail Van Helsing. Coming from a long line of hunters, Abigail was given authority to mobilize her own team of hunters, which was given the codename ‘Dead Cell’.

Abigail Van Helsing, the granddaughter of the famed vampire hunter, follows in her family’s footsteps, seeking out demons and sending them back to the realms from whence they came. She wields the blade, Krijger, enchanted by the Prophets to never tarnish or break. Armed with Krijger and her custom built revolver rifle, Abigail leads the Dead Cell unit against the demon hordes.

From Triad Toys & Collectibles comes the 1/6 scale Abigail Van Helsing Premium (approx 12-inch) collectible Female Action Figure which features over 35 points of articulation, hand painted parts and fully realized cloth outfit with leather-like boots and crossover weapons harness. Her overcoat is wired for action poses. The figure includes: Fully-realized headsculpt - Alpha Female Body with Mid-size bust - One (1) pair gun grip hands - One (1) pair sword grip hands - One (1) pair fist hands - One (1) pair relaxed hands - One (1) military-style cap - One (1) overcoat - One (1) dress shirt - One (1) tie - One (1) mid-cut dress - One (1) corset - One (1) pair leather-like boots - One (1) revolver rifle - One (1) sword Krijger - One (1) rifle holster - One (1) weapons harness

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