Monday, December 31, 2012

Incoming: World Box 1/6 scale "Scout GO” from GO BABY series – "Take Happiness Home"

This is the fourth Lakor baby to be released by WorldBox but the first in their new military line called the LAKOR 1/6 scale "Scout GO” from GO BABY series, as in "Let's Go Baby!!" I've already shown preview pictures of their three earlier announced releases starting with Joker Baby HERE, followed by Bat Baby (pictures HERE) and Iron Baby previewed HERE.

Till today, I'm still wondering who the target audience for these figures are because I really don't get it? I collect 1/6 figures and I collect generic toy figures as well (those that I like) which are non-1/6 scale but I just cannot understand the baby angle. I guess they are just not my cup of tea as I find them rather creepy.

SCOUT GO BABY Action Figure Manufactured by World Box is approximately 6" tall (150mm) and Features: 1/6 scale Baby Head, 6-inch Body (150mm), Camouflage clothing (what I see is a fur-lined outfit), Gas mask, SPC Vest, MOLLE Pouch, Dump Pouch, Anti-noise earphone, Rifle sling, AK gun, Gloves, Badge, GPRS, Watch Cap (knit cap also known as Tuque), Chocolate stick x 4 (3 + 1) and Boots (it's listed but I don't see them)...

Camouflage clothing listed by World Box is actually a furry bunny costume which has white paws and belly with a hood that has rabbit ears.

Scroll down to see more preview / prototype pictures of this World Box 1/6 scale "Scout GO” from GO BABY series

Although this baby (more of a toddler actually) is in 1/6 scale, I doubt the vest and weapon are in true scale because if the vest can fit around the baby's body and he can hold the rifle, that means that they are miniature and smaller than the true 1:6 scale.

I guess keeping the gas mask on would make a great alternate reality "Alice in Wonderland" bunny because without the mask, that's one creepy looking baby ;p Hmmmmm...


Little Plastic Man said...

Creepy but I can see a market for these...

alex teo said...

With the masks on, it can be Snow White and the 7 Dwarves take over the world ;p

Anonymous said...

Just the figure i was looking for!a toddler with an assualt rifle!

rudeboy said...

"...I just cannot understand the baby angle. I guess they are just not my cup of tea as I find them rather creepy."

I guess that was the point, Alex.

As a collector, I have a taste for the odd and the rare, and it's probably no small coincidence that I possess both GO BABY Batman and Joker. And I will most likely get this soulless redheaded stepchild to add to my creepy kid collection.

With a little imagination, they can make most useful additions to some rather...unusual dioramas ;)

alex teo said...

TedMenten's comments:



I laughed out loud when I saw the post today about the new "kid" on the block. Looking at the photo of him standing among his "toys" I realized he looks like a MODERN DAY version of MAX from Maurice Sendak's classic, WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE.

Looks like we are off to an amusing start of 2013.


darkmoon2112 said...

it's great to follow the lakor baby line,
this is gonna be my 4th figures of my lakor baby ..

hell yeah ..