Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pre-order Brother Production Presents 1/6 scale Sky Fall MI6 Agent "Bone" 12-inch Figure

Skyfall is the twenty-third film in the James Bond series of spy films, produced by Eon Productions and distributed by MGM and Sony Pictures Entertainment in 2012. It features Daniel Craig's third performance as James Bond, and Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva, the film's antagonist. The film was directed by Sam Mendes and written by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and John Logan.

The film centres on Bond investigating an attack on MI6; it transpires that the attack is part of a plot by former MI6 operative Raoul Silva to humiliate, discredit and kill M as revenge against her for betraying him. The film sees the return of two recurring characters after an absence of two films: Q, played by Ben Whishaw; and Eve Moneypenny, played by Naomie Harris.  [source: wiki]

The Brother Production Presents Sky Fall MI6 Agent "Bone" (the name's "Bone", NOT "Bond" - resemblance is purely coincidental) will come with 1/6 scale head sculpt, 12-inch base body with over 35 points of articulation, realistic and detailed suit, long sleeve shirt, bow tie, black tie (with metal wire for pose-ability), belt, socks, shoes, sunglasses, watch. He will be armed with Walter PPK handgun with silencer, UMP submachine gun with suppressor / silencer (and debonair good looks ;p)

Everything about this set looks very good except for the 1/6 scale head sculpt. The likeness to Daniel Craig is just not all there and the resemblance of Brother Production's "Bone" to Bond is a little off. You can see Craig from certain angles... It's close but no cigar ;p

That said, I've already pre-ordered this figure because ONE - everything else is NICE (the UMP SMG is not so readily available in 1/6 scale - I had posted a kitbash Daniel Craig as James Bond 12-inch figure with a 1/6 UMP SMG earlier HERE) and TWO -  the price is reasonable as opposed to what other companies are charging at the moment. I can live with this Brother Production Sky Fall MI6 Agent "Bone" head sculpt :)

Perhaps Brother Production can improve on this BOND head sculpt before its release. I think one of the best 1/6 scale Daniel Craig head sculpts was the Medicom Toys Jake Lonergan 12-inch figure (see the pictures HERE)

Scroll down to see more prototype / preview pictures of Brother Production Presents 1/6 scale Sky Fall MI6 Agent "Bone" 12-inch Figure.

You can pre-order this limited edition (worldwide release of 250 sets) Brother Production Presents Sky Fall MI6 Agent "Bone" 12-inch figure at TFH (The Falcon's Hangar)


imranbecks said...

I have already pre-ordered this figure from Falcons Hangar earlier as well. I think the head sculpt looks pretty decent and it does capture how Daniel Craig looked in Skyfall. No doubt, the Medicom "Jake Lonergan" Daniel Craig sculpt looked good as it is so far the only official Daniel Craig head sculpt. Sadly though, the figure is fetching at ridiculous prices, which is why I decided not to get it. Luckily I didn't coz I'm looking forward to this Craig figure from Brother Production. Hopefully the final released figure will look just as good as the photos or fingers crossed, it might even look better than the photos... Looking forward to its release in March!

alex teo said...

I am just as excited about him as you are Imran :)

CMR said...

I'm just wondering if you could please suggest an appropriate replacement body for my Brother Production Robert De Niro Heat figure. The body they supply is very poor & I need to find a new one, but I don't know which body would fit because I've never customized 1/6 before. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

alex teo said...

You can always replace the base body with the Hot Toys True Type body as they are very compatible. Just make sure it's NOT the muscular body because the neck joint is different for that one as you can only switch heads. The regular body type will be the best match. Cheers said...

does anyone know if the brothers production agent Bone aka007 has been released or when it will

alex teo said...

Not yet released and not sure when either. No word from my retailer yet... on my waiting list

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex,

At first I am a big fan of your blog. I got this figure a month ago. I have one question for you. Can you help me?

In tie was a tin iron wire. I took this wire from tie away because tie has holes and wire fallen out.

Was my decision wrong or right?

In one shop a red – tin iron wire is for poses. Waht does it mean?

Thank you and good luck


alex teo said...

Hi Jirka

I haven't received mine yet. The wire is used for posing. For some figures, the cape or coat has a wire hidden at the edges so that collectors can use the wire to pose the figure with a "flying" cape look. In this case, it's not really a big deal because it's only for the tie. Don't worry too much about it :) Just enjoy the figure CHEERS

Unknown said...

Wat is the price

alex teo said...

TFH has it for SGD 150 (link: