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S is also for Star Wars and these are NOT your regular sized Star Wars Lego mini figures

From a post-apocalyptic future (see previous post) to a galaxy far far away...

Lego has ventured into making other products besides their little bricks. I've bought some Lego Star Wars boxed sets in the past but have since decided to focus on my 1/6 scale collection as I much prefer the articulation and ultra-detailed accessories, gear, uniforms and weapons. That said, I still have a thing for Star Wars and besides the 12-inch Star Wars figures, I do collect some of the Star Wars mini figures as well. Here's a picture I took recently of my Star Wars Lego figures standing alongside the Medicom Toys Kubrick Star Wars figures as well.

The Medicom Toys Kubrick Star Wars mini figures in the picture above are the two Imperial Stormtroopers on the right standing on either side of the Medicom Toys Kubrick Star Wars Darth Vader figure. I had posted pictures of the Kubrick Stormtroopers by Medicom Toys HERE as well as pictures of the Kubrick Darth Vader HERE and HERE

Besides the Lego mini figures (standing right in front), there are the Lego LED Key Light Star Wars figures and the much bigger Lego Star Wars Darth Vader Alarm Clock :) Scroll down to see more pictures

The Lego Star Wars Darth Vader Alarm Clock stands approximately 9.5 inches tall, has a alarm and snooze button activated by pressing down on his head and a light-up screen which has red illumination

One of the things missing from this Darth Vader figure is the cape / cloak. Darth Vader just doesn't look complete without it.

The back of the Lego Star Wars Darth Vader Alarm Clock is where all the buttons and battery compartment are. 2 x AAA batteries are required and they are provided when you purchase this clock.

This is my more recent purchase - the Lego Star Wars LED Key Light (batteries included). There was a sale where you could buy three for the price of two i.e. buy two and get the third free so I was tempted. Why not? since the price of each was reduced by one third.

All the Lego Star Wars LED Key Light figures comes with 2 x LED (light-emitting diode) which are activated when you press the button on the chest. It so happens that for the Darth Vader figure, the chest button is located where his control function panel / control chest-plate is. Unfortunately, the helmet is non-removable although you can see from the base of the helmet that it should because you can make out Anakin's scarred face under the helmet.

Still a nice figure overall :)

And here are the Lego Darth Vader figures standing together with the Medicom Toys Kubrick Darth Vader on the right.

Here's the Lego Star Wars Imperial Stormtrooper LED Key Light figure. When I had to choose three figures to buy as a set, this is a no brainer ;p You can't have Darth Vader without the Stormtrooper.

I still much prefer this Imperial Stormtrooper over the Clone Wars Phase I Clone Troopers as seen in "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones" because I don't fancy the Phase I helmets.

Last but not least, I got the Lego Star Wars Darth Maul LED Key Light as my third figure. It was this or Yoda and in the end, Darth Maul won me over because he played a big part in making "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace" watchable ;p

Ray Park as Darth Maul was excellent and I really enjoyed watching him show off his martial arts skills combined with gymnastics. Park was originally only a member of the stunt crew, and stunt coordinator Nick Gillard filmed Park to demonstrate how he envisioned the lightsaber battles. Lucas and McCallum were so impressed with the test tape that they gave Park the role of Maul.

Here are three Darth Maul mini figures standing together, two are Lego Darth Maul figures and the third is the Medicom Toys Kubrick Darth Maul figure with double-bladed lightsaber.

Close-up of the Medicom Toys Kubrick Darth Maul figure (on the right) with double-bladed lightsaber.

And here's a close-up shot / picture of the Lego Star Wars Darth Maul mini figure

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