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NECA Resident Evil "Operation Raccoon City" Wolfpack Vector 7-inch action figure REVIEW II

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Little is known about the background of the operative known as "VECTOR;" his true name and origin remain a mystery. After becoming employed in the ranks of Umbrella Security Service (U.S.S.), an elite paramilitary unit and subsidiary branch of the Umbrella Corporation, VECTOR was sent to Rockfort Island where he honed his skills as a soldier.

This is the NECA Resident Evil Vector 7″ action figure from the Resident Evil franchise, Operation Raccoon City. The figure comes in a clamshell packaging and is described as "a hooded soldier decked out in full tactical gear with an arsenal of weapons and loads of articulation. Vector is ready for combat and the zombie attack."

"VECTOR" is the codename of a covert operative who served in the ranks of the Umbrella Security Service (U.S.S.), an elite paramilitary division of the Umbrella Corporation. Prior to the Raccoon City outbreak of September 1998, VECTOR was assigned as a recon to the newly-reconstituted U.S.S. Delta Team, nicknamed "Wolfpack," shortly after the previous team's destruction on the Ecliptic Express.

In the earlier post, I had shown this NECA Resident Evil "Operation Raccoon City" Vector 7-inch action figure armed with the tactical SMG (Sub-Machine Gun). Here he is shown with his UCBS pistol which comes holstered on the figure's assault vest and can be taken out.

Having developed a highly lethal proficiency in martial artistry – especially in knife combat – under several Japanese masters, VECTOR's fighting prowess was ultimately noticed by HUNK, one of Umbrella's best operatives who took a special interest in the new recruit's potential. After VECTOR fought HUNK in single hand-to-hand combat to a draw, the U.S.S. veteran personally oversaw the young trainee's progress.

Given his skills in stealth and reconnaissance, Umbrella determined that VECTOR was ideal for the role of recon in the reformed U.S.S. Delta Team; the previous unit having been annihilated during an assignment on the Ecliptic Express. Although VECTOR and HUNK preferred to continue working together as they had a low tolerance for anyone of lesser skill, the company felt that their interests would be better served by distributing their two top assets into separate teams, rather than focusing them both in a single unit.

VECTOR was assigned to fellow U.S.S. operatives LUPO, BERTHA, FOUR EYES, SPECTRE, and BELTWAY in the new Delta Team, otherwise known as "Wolfpack."

Like the other members of Wolfpack, VECTOR's uniform was heavily customized, both in technology and appearance. The suit's unique features included a built-in active camouflage, enabling the wearer to become invisible for a short period of time, and technology that allowed him to mimic another person's appearance as well.

Here's NECA Resident Evil "Operation Raccoon City" Vector 7-inch action figure posing with his combat knife. I had FUN posing and taking pictures of this action figure even though it wasn't 1/6 scale  or as articulated as a 12-inch figure.

Interestingly, VECTOR's pistol comes holstered on his vest but there's no sheath for his knife and he ends up just holding it all the time. If only they had included the knife sheath.

Still, I am quite pleased with this action figure even though I don't usually buy smaller scale figures these days, preferring to focus on 1:6 scale figures which have more articulation with more accurate as well as realistic fabric clothing / uniform / outfit / costume, gear and accessories. However, this figure had enough detailing and the look of it just drew me in ;p

Scroll down to see close-up shots / pictures of this NECA Resident Evil "Operation Raccoon City" Vector 7-inch action figure which has nice details. I guess not having a face is a plus for it since it's harder to sculpt and paint a realistic looking face on a figure that is this small. The sculpting and painting skills for 1/6 scale figures have improved and grown by leaps and bounds over the years that nowadays, sometimes you cannot really tell if a figure is real (i.e. taken of the actual actor) or in 1/6 scale just by looking at pictures.

The problem with smaller scale figures are the joints ;p Because the figure is not wearing fabric clothing  / costume, you can easily see the joints on the figure whereas for a 12-inch figure, the joints are hidden under a layer of clothes and it makes the figure look more realistic.

Most importantly, whether you collect 12-inch action figures or 7-inch action figures like this NECA Resident Evil "Operation Raccoon City" Vector figure, you have to have FUN doing what you do. For me, having FUN means taking the figure out of its plastic prison (packaging) and playing (posing it for pictures). Andy has much more imagination when it comes to playing with his toys. I really like what he does with them in the films ;p

Some people might prefer keeping them in the packaging or boxes and never taking the figure out (pardon me but I cannot see the FUN in that. It's better leaving it on the shelf in the shop so that someone else can come along, buy it and rip it open to play with it)

Maybe they are thinking of buying to invest. Then I say "Buy Stocks and Shares". They are made of paper and you really don't have to see it to sell it. Don't deprive other toy collectors the chance of owning something FUN because you decide to buy and hoard it, hoping to sell it later to some poor soul at a much higher and inflated price because you deprived that person of owning it in the first place.

But I understand that are others who just enjoy looking at the figure in its packaging or collectors who do not have space to display all their toys so they buy, open and look at the figure, put it back in the box and wait for the day when they can finally open and display all their toys :)

Collect what you LIKE and ENJOY what you have :) Just be HAPPY with what you've got. Don't live life with regrets (why I didn't buy that version? why did I buy that version and now a new version / re-release is out?) Now I have to chase after the new version as well. Why can't I ever be satisfied? As long as we are always chasing after something, we'll never be satisfied because there'll always be something else to chase after. Life's like that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hope you enjoyed the pictures taken of this 7-inch NECA Resident Evil "Operation Raccoon City" Vector action figure. I certainly enjoyed snapping them.

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