Monday, December 24, 2012

Pre-order Dollsfigure 1/6 scale SEXY Female Ninja Costume set for 12-inch figure

What's better than a ninja (see previous post)? A sexy female ninja that's what ;p

Here's Dollsfigure CC209 1/6 scale SEXY Female Ninja Costume set for 12-inch figures. Items Included: Headgear Belt, 3 pcs Collars, Face Mask, Ninja Costume, One-piece Mesh Lingerie, 1 pair of short arm sleeves, Underwear, Kneepad, 2 pairs of firearm, 2 pairs of spear. Head, Body & Boots NOT included.

You can pre-order this Dollsfigure 1/6 scale SEXY Female Ninja Costume set at TFH (The Falcon's Hangar). According to the manufacturer, this release will be available come January 2013. Scroll down to see more pictures :)

From wiki: Kunoichi, meaning a female ninja, supposedly came from the characters くノ一 (pronounced ku, no and ichi), which make up the three strokes that form the kanji for "woman" (女). A popular etymology would derive the term from 九能一 (能 "nō" : talent) with Japanese numbers "ku" (九) for "nine", the particle "no" (の) for "and" and "ichi" (一) for "one", literally translated to "Nine and One". The meaning for this name is derived from the number of orifices on a female body. A male has nine, a female has one more (the vaginal opening) and possesses the skills to make use of this orifice as well.

Another source has this to say: In ancient Japan, women as well as men were trained in ninjutsu. Female ninja, the kunoichi, were trained in a manner similar to their male conterparts. Psychology, intuition, personal manipulation, as well as direct physical means, replaced battlefield tactics. The kunoichi's most reliable fighting techniques were attacks to the weak points of the body, and her weaponry was mainly bladed. These female spies, with their emotional and intuitive natures heightened through sensitivity training, needed careful guidance to prevent them from actually falling in love with their targets or losing sight of the ultimate purpose for which they were fighting. In their own way, they were more deadly than the men.

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