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Preview ZC World ZCWO 1/6 scale Dr Kirico 12-inch Figure from Black Jack manga / anime

Black Jack (ブラック・ジャック Burakku Jakku) is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Osamu Tezuka in the 1970s, dealing with the medical adventures of the title character, doctor Black Jack.

Black Jack consists of hundreds of short, self-contained episodes that are typically about 20 pages long. Black Jack has also been animated into an OVA, two television series (directed by Tezuka's son Makoto Tezuka) and two movies. Black Jack is Tezuka's third most famous manga, after Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion.

Dr. Kiriko (ドクター・キリコ), the "death doctor", is another shadowy doctor, traveling the world like Black Jack. When Kiriko was a war doctor, he saw many patients in great pain, and got into the habit of using euthanasia. He often appears in the manga, attempting to kill terminally ill patients which Black Jack wants to save.

He is so dedicated to euthanasia that he once attempted to kill himself when he got a rare infectious disease. Though arch-rivals, they have been in situations where they had to cooperate in order to survive or to accomplish a task, and manage to do so with good results. Whenever he is confronted by Black Jack after a successful operation which avoided the death alternative, Kiriko simply replies with something along the lines of "I'm a doctor as well, you know."

In the Clinical Chart OVA series, Dr. Kiriko is introduced only as Mozart, in homage to his affinity for classical music. In this OVA, it is also shown that Kiriko does not charge immense amounts of money like Black Jack, nor did he consider his style of Euthanasia as a 'solution to all sicknesses,' as demonstrated by his act of charity when he provided basic nutrients and some food to a patient suffering from what appeared to be severe anorexia at one point.

In the same series of OVA, it is shown that he travels by motorcycle and shows a proficiency in mechanics and music.

These are preview / prototype pictures of an upcoming release by ZC World: ZCWO 1/6 scale Dr Kirico 12-inch Figure from Black Jack manga / anime

Isn't it very stereotypical to cast the villain / bad guy with an eye patch? Straightaway it says PIRATE ;p In real life, you can't really tell the bad from the good haha if only life was this simple.

Scroll down to see more pictures of ZC World ZCWO 1/6 scale Dr Kirico 12-inch Figure

The figure is very nice if you are into anime / manga. At least now there's a cheaper and better option than Medicom Toys which will cost you an arm and a leg if you were to buy their stuff and then there's no guarantee that the figure won't break apart on you or have its costume / outfit disintegrate and crack over time. The perils of collecting Medicom Toys products and figures. Consider yourself warned.

ZC World ZCWO Dr Kirico 12-inch Figure's 1:6 scale briefcase with his tools. I would love to get this loose as I have no interest in the character ;p

Here's another picture. Click on it to get a bigger and better view

And this is what you'll be getting if you order the ZC World ZCWO 1/6 scale Dr Kirico 12-inch Figure

ZC World has already released their ZCWO Premier Collection: 1/6 Black Jack 12-inch Anime / Manga Collectible Action Figure (see the preview pics HERE).

Dr Kirico is a companion piece right? There's no point getting Dr Kirico 12-inch figure if you don't have 1/6 scale Black Jack. It would be like collecting Robin without Batman, or Bane without Batman.

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