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Review 1: NECA Resident Evil "Operation Raccoon City" Vector 7-inch action figure

In September 1998, an incident in the underground laboratory of Umbrella Corporation resulted in Raccoon City being devastated by the effects of Umbrella's t-Virus, which had managed to escape into the city's population, most of which died from the infection and became reanimated as "zombies."

In order to ensure Umbrella's survival, U.S.S. (Umbrella Security Service) Command determined that nothing could be allowed to link the company to the catastrophe that destroyed an entire city. Hence, VECTOR and his team were deployed for the commencement of Operation: Raccoon City, which entailed nothing less than the extermination of any kind of evidence, including survivors, that could potentially implicate Umbrellla Corporation in a number of "morally questionable activities," such as illegal experimentation and viral weaponry.

"VECTOR" is the codename of a covert operative who served in the ranks of the Umbrella Security Service (U.S.S.), an elite paramilitary division of the Umbrella Corporation. Prior to the Raccoon City outbreak of September 1998, VECTOR was assigned as a recon to the newly-reconstituted U.S.S. Delta Team, nicknamed "Wolfpack," shortly after the previous team's destruction on the Ecliptic Express.

This is the NECA Resident Evil Vector 7″ action figure from the Resident Evil franchise, Operation Raccoon City. The figure comes in a clamshell packaging and is described as "a hooded soldier decked out in full tactical gear with an arsenal of weapons and loads of articulation. Vector is ready for combat and the zombie attack."

Little is known about the background of the operative known as "VECTOR;" his true name and origin remain a mystery. After becoming employed in the ranks of Umbrella Security Service (U.S.S.), an elite paramilitary unit and subsidiary branch of the Umbrella Corporation, VECTOR was sent to Rockfort Island where he honed his skills as a soldier.

Having developed a highly lethal proficiency in martial artistry – especially in knife combat – under several Japanese masters, VECTOR's fighting prowess was ultimately noticed by HUNK, one of Umbrella's best operatives who took a special interest in the new recruit's potential. After VECTOR fought HUNK in single hand-to-hand combat to a draw, the U.S.S. veteran personally oversaw the young trainee's progress.

Once his training was complete, VECTOR proved to be one of Umbrella's most effective assets; his achievements-in-the-field were matched only by his former mentor, HUNK. The Corporation noted how his movements were instinctive and smooth, in contrast to his motionless behavior when at rest.

Given his skills in stealth and reconnaissance, Umbrella determined that VECTOR was ideal for the role of recon in the reformed U.S.S. Delta Team; the previous unit having been annihilated during an assignment on the Ecliptic Express. Although VECTOR and HUNK preferred to continue working together as they had a low tolerance for anyone of lesser skill, the company felt that their interests would be better served by distributing their two top assets into separate teams, rather than focusing them both in a single unit.

Hence, VECTOR was assigned to fellow U.S.S. operatives LUPO, BERTHA, FOUR EYES, SPECTRE, and BELTWAY in the new Delta Team, otherwise known as "Wolfpack."

Like the other members of Wolfpack, VECTOR's uniform was heavily customized, both in technology and appearance. The suit's unique features included a built-in active camouflage, enabling the wearer to become invisible for a short period of time, and technology that allowed him to mimic another person's appearance as well.

NECA Resident Evil "Operation Raccoon City" Vector 7″ action figure comes with his specialist suit which "allows active camouflage, detection avoidance and mimicry of enemies. He is armed with a tactical SMG (Sub-Machine Gun), UCBS pistol and combat knife." The pistol comes holstered on the figure's assault vest and can be taken out :)

The 7-inch tall VECTOR action figure cannot hold his rifle with two hands due to the limited articulation at the shoulders (the arms are not able to cross to the centre of his body) and can only fire his weapon one-handed. The other hand is for holding his knife.

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I haven't been buying carded / clamshell packaged figures for a while now, preferring the 1/6th scale 12-inch action figures for their ultra-detailed and highly accurate uniform and accessories plus articulation and pose-ability but once-in-a-while, I pick up one or two smaller sized figures that catch my attention.

This particular figure certainly caught my attention. The whole black outfit with the masked head and blue "lit up" eyes makes him stand out and really piqued my interest. Not being a gamer, I did not know of this particular character's existence until recently so when I saw it on the racks, I had no qualms about picking it up.

I had fun toying with the figure and taking pictures to post on my toy blog. I am also tempted to kitbash a 12-inch VECTOR action figure based on this 7-inch tall version so that is a project to keep in view for the future :)

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In the pictures below, you can see Vector's UCBS pistol holstered on his vest. It almost looks like it's molded to the holster so it's nice to know that it can be drawn.

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