Saturday, August 2, 2014

Very Hot 1/6th scale U.S. Navy SEAL Polar Mountain Striker Uniform Set (DCU version)

Mountain warfare refers to warfare in the mountains or similarly rough terrain. This type of warfare is also called Alpine warfare, after the Alps mountains. Mountain warfare is one of the most dangerous types of combat as it involves surviving not only combat with the enemy but also the extreme weather and dangerous terrain. Attacking a prepared enemy position in mountain terrain requires a greater ratio of attacking soldiers to defending soldiers than would be needed on level ground. Mountains at any time of year are dangerous – lightning, strong gusts of wind, falling rocks, extreme cold, and crevasses are all additional threats to combatants.

The expense of training mountain troops precludes them from being on the order of battle of most armies except those who reasonably expect to fight in such terrain. Mountain warfare training is arduous and in many countries is the exclusive preserve of elite units such as special forces or commandos, who as part of their remit should have the ability to fight in difficult terrain. Regular units may also occasionally undertake training of this nature.

Mountain troop climbers use a range of specialized climbing equipment that includes: special climbing shoes with sticky rubber soles, climbing harnesses, carabiners for hooking onto climbing rope lines, nuts - metal wedges that fit into cracks, used to secure climbing lines.

Very Hot will be releasing not one but two U.S. Navy SEAL Polar Mountain Striker Uniform Sets (Woodlands camouflage version and Desert camouflage version) that look very similar to the ones released by Hot Toys many many years ago when Hot Toys were still small and concentrating on the military figures market, before they hit the big time with their Movie Masterpiece Series. These are great sets because they come fully loaded with everything except the kitchen sink.

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Hot Toys 1/6 scale U.S. Navy SEAL Polar Mountain Striker 12-inch military figures came with the following and it shouldn't be any surprise that Very Hot is offering the same since they pretty much took what Hot Toys offered and released them as their own: Uniform consists of Fleece Jacket, Gore-tex Jacket (in Woodlands camouflage) and pants. Accessories (a ton of them) include: Half-cut Protec Helmet with NVG Mount, Climbing Gear, Aluminum Sheave Bushing, Crampon, Ultra-Scender Rope Ascender, Link Cams, Piton, Ice Axe, Wall Hammer, Bolt, FrontPoint Gaiter, Chest Pouch, H-Storm Force 5 Backpack, Mountain Rope, Drop Leg EOD Pouch Carrier, Shemagh, Rappel Harness, SF TASC Headset, GPS, Wide Mouth Bottle, Profile NVG Goggles, VIP Strobe Light, Boots, OR Ski Gloves. Weapons: Assault rifle, M9 Pistol with Tactical Holster, combat knife with sheath, Paramedic Scissors

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